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  1. Hammond Eggz

    S&S Rainbow 5 Speed

    :inlove: Wowwwww!
  2. Hammond Eggz


    I've been wanting to do a Klunker or Bomber based on a Schwinn DX for years, was just waiting for the right bike to come along. Finally got this '50 DX frame and decided it was time to do something about it. I may still add a laid-back seat post, and possibly a double-clamp stem with a BMX...
  3. Hammond Eggz

    24x3 whitewalls

    Here ya go: (Or another used option: ) I used those on my Electra Rally. :cool2:
  4. Hammond Eggz

    NO LONGER NEEDED Chrome tubular (BMX style) fork with bearings, hardware, etc.

    Thanks, Rafael - I found one. Appreciate you offering, though!
  5. Hammond Eggz

    NO LONGER NEEDED Chrome tubular (BMX style) fork with bearings, hardware, etc.

    LOL. Thanks, Jason - I'll check them out! Thanks for the offer, rrtbike, but looking for chrome this time.
  6. Hammond Eggz

    NO LONGER NEEDED Chrome tubular (BMX style) fork with bearings, hardware, etc.

    For 26" vintage Schwinn frame Klunker project. Anybody have one complete with all the goodies?
  7. Hammond Eggz

    Springer fork for Klunker?

    OK, thanks guys. I can't imagine doing any heavy-duty hucking on this (I have actual mtn. bikes for that, and I'm getting too danged old for anything too radical these days, anyway! :happy: ), so I'm not too worried about the spring doing anything extreme, other than maybe evening out the bumps...
  8. Hammond Eggz

    1940 Schwinn DX Klunker Build

    Soooo...any updates? I just started a klunker build myself, with a lot of ideas very similar to yours, and was really happy to come across this thread! I would love to see how it came out!
  9. Hammond Eggz

    Springer fork for Klunker?

    I don't think I've ever seen a klunker build using a springer. Is there a reason for that, or is it just not "traditional"? Seems like a springer would give a way better off-road ride. I have an original Schwinn piece that seems pretty heavy-duty - way more solid than the newer...
  10. Hammond Eggz

    Hotrod Silverking

    Wow, that is just a beauty - and so cool on so many levels! :43:
  11. Hammond Eggz

    '51 Schwinn Dx

  12. Hammond Eggz

    Crusty Klunker budget build

    Great looking bike! Love those big ol' knobbies! :grin:
  13. Hammond Eggz

    American Jaguar. Middleweight mash up

    Lovin' this. And in Coppertone, my all-time favorite color! *If you ever want to sell that - or even just the frame and chainguard, please let me know! :cool2:
  14. Hammond Eggz

    Felt hot wheels 68

    Is this what these are really going for now? Dang. I guess I should have snapped one up when they were new. Very cool bike - GLWS!
  15. Hammond Eggz

    Patina, Please!

    Wow, I can't believe there's still noticeable original paint under all that. Looks really cool!
  16. Hammond Eggz

    Extended Cruise - Added to Finished Build Thread

    Just....WOW. I'm always so blown away by all of you guys with fabbing skills. I can "customize" bikes and motorcycles (have even had a couple of articles and a spot on a calendar done for mine), but it's just not the same as building from scratch like this. The fabrication, the vision in your...
  17. Hammond Eggz

    Rata del Rio Concho: 1955 Huffy father/son project.

    Just awesome! Always loved doing projects of any kind with my kids.
  18. Hammond Eggz

    Bare Bonnie(ville) ... what a trip....... moving into the finished builds

    This is just so danged cool that I don't even have words...great stuff, man!