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  1. Bigcam59

    My First

    I dig the bars!
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    Train light?

    I love it! :thumbsup:
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    I never had the chance to meet him but he sounds like my kind of guy. Ride on, Brother.
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    Lock-Down bikes

    Here are a few projects that I've finished since I was housebound...
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    1940s hiawatha build.

    I've used this saddle. It looks even better once you remove the front spring.
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    Beat Coronavirus with Bikes!

  7. Bigcam59

    Cottered crank is too close to frame. Help!

    try reversing the spindle. It may be longer on one side to compensate
  8. Bigcam59

    How about a single pedal tandem?

    I've built a couple of stretch bikes out of tandems, as have friends of mine. It can be done, but don't expect to weave through slaloms easily!
  9. Bigcam59

    3" Tire on a 4" rim?

    Thanks! Due to a knee replacement it will be a while before I'm up and building again, but the pics give me a pretty good idea what to expect. :thumbsup:
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    Bike shop horror stories.

    I had one where the bottom bracket cup was misthreaded and frozem cockeyed in the frame. The customer rode it long enough loose for the left hand crankarm to wear a 1/4 inch divot out of the chainstay from repeated contact. It took 2 days to get the cup out in 3 pieces.
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    3" Tire on a 4" rim?

    I posted this in "how to" and got almost no responses so I thought I'd try here. Has anyone tried mounting a 3" tire on a 4" (aka Mongoose Dolemite) rim? I'd try it myself to find out but I'm not in a position to get to the basement workshop- literally! (recent knee surgery)
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    3" tires on a 4" rim?

    I know I've seen some daring souls stretch out a 26x2 1/4 tire across a fat bike rim, but has anyone done it with a 3"tire? Just wondering how it would look and what the longevity is...
  13. Bigcam59

    Craigslist nightmares and dreams...

    "The pioneers used to ride these babies for miles!" :bigsmile:
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    24x3 tires on a 26in cruiser

    one of my first builds was a 26" cruiser with 24" wheels and 24x3"tires, back 10 years ago!
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    My favorite bike

    It's tough, but if I had to pick just one, this would be it.
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    You guys see any problems with this idea?

    That sounds about right, that's what I usually pay.
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    rode a few out of my stash today

    I did the same for a video of mine from 2016!
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    Get this man a new bike!

    almost as much crud as derailleur..."It wasn't shifting right..."
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    This guy here. This picture speaks a lot.

    That guy is going places...not the Tour De France, but places! :cool2:
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    What is the hardest part for you too find?

    whichever part I need at the moment! :bigsmile: