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  1. blackdiamond

    46 Western Flyer Road King (Dayton)

    Wouldn't quite call it a build, just a bar and seat swap Cause ya know, everything needs apes Brooks saddle and some amf apes the rest is all og as I got it Other than well... Still has a royal chain co tire on the front
  2. blackdiamond

    Columbia trike local pickup $120

    1970something Columbia breakaway trike Asking 120 local pickup in Conway or Little Rock Arkansas
  3. blackdiamond

    Not new but back

    been gone for a good while, never stopped building but not on the interwebs for a while, glad to be back!
  4. blackdiamond

    95% All original 1979 Schwinn Stingray

    Only reason I say 95 percent is because the rear tire is changed. it has a black duro slik on the rear unlike the picture, and I can txt better pictures than these. the seat has a small 1cm tear in it in a non stressed place. the paint is in extreamly good shape concidering. I am looking to get...
  5. blackdiamond

    My 2nd Dayton-Huffman Bomber build- '41 W-Flyer

    Well heres what im starting with (in its sale pic lol) A 1941 Western Flyer Badged Dayton. I'm very fond of these frames as of their geometry happens to be perfectly fit to me. This one still wears it original paint and i will be leaving it. Cause my other dayton, my '47 used to be and you...
  6. blackdiamond

    The Pursuit Special- Road Warrior themed Colson

    Here is there frame I will be building off when it arrives, a unknown year colson, unlike last year when I did a full fledged rat rod, im going with more a Road-Warrior apocalyptic max max theme, And yes it will be classified as a bomber. Now my updates will be slow for the first few weeks...
  7. blackdiamond

    Part-by-Part Stingray build

    This will be a long Drawn out build so i can have my dream stingray. Here it is, An '80 Stingray II i got from arpicker As some know, the stingray II had the same short frame as the early stingrays; of which i cannot find. Soooo im going to build it up as an early '64-67 Stingray, but with a...
  8. blackdiamond

    The Speedway Special

    Heres some of the stuff the ol' '35 Shelby Speedway Special saw on its voyage The old 1929ish Smith Ford building The rails and the old caboose A close-up to see the old royce-union horn and my favorite lil mythical creature The Bobbed rear fender, from and old fire extinguisher... Still...
  9. blackdiamond

    1935 Speedway Special- New fender! (new-old rust)

    I am entering my first big build off with a 1935 Shelby Speedway Special! I have great plans for this bike in store :mrgreen: Parden the pictures, im running on cell phone pics for two more weeks before a new camera :oops:
  10. blackdiamond

    Ok, i may be crazy, buuuut ....

    Does the top of the page say Fat Tire Bikes? :| Did i miss out on something? :oops:
  11. blackdiamond

    The do exist! royce union scatster

    Look :arrow: ... 1093830706 I didnt think they actually existed lol, very cool bike! :mrgreen:
  12. blackdiamond

    Somthing cool for the vw people!

    Pics of a really cool resto the VW features in its Mueseam :mrgreen: ... sc&start=0 or this one
  13. blackdiamond

    The Rusty Renegade- full patina build! Its a rider!!

    Got this from my friend shaun who just happened to have it in his barn. Last place i thought id find a bike ive been looking for for a while :lol: It is a Western Flyer-badged AMF, same as the Renegade in which i favor. (Also an awesome song by Styx!) Suprisingly its not rusted together...
  14. blackdiamond

    60s Rusty AMF/Western Flyer Renegade muscle!

    Yup this thing is rusty, A AMF Renegade, badged as a Western Flyer :D Been wanting one for a looooong time :shock: Suprisingly this bike functions and isnt rusted together- just rusty My only plans: WW drag slik, WW front tire, a new seat and a good regeasing 8)
  15. blackdiamond

    Has anyone seen one of these?

    A Royce-Union Scatster? any one know bout them? ... bm001b.jpg
  16. blackdiamond

    What is the best new bike you've ever bought New?

    Ive been wondering, what is the best new bike you've ever bought off the showroom floor/rack? Ive never ever bought a brand new bike and was wondering what the rrb peoples think? So post your bests youve ever got new :mrgreen:
  17. blackdiamond

    Stingray Build-off Voting!!!

    Vote For your Favorite! :arrow: Blackdiamond's February 1970 Stingray Before :arrow: Diabolical_Dork's November 1970 Stingray :arrow: ChicagoMuscle Guy's 1976 Bicentennial Stingray Before Build Thread here viewtopic.php?f=43&t=66842
  18. blackdiamond

    Ok what would be a good price on this bike??

    I have it listed in the 'for sale' section but no bites for 55$, is it priced wrong? It is a 70s? Ross frame, and an ex-central park rental bike
  19. blackdiamond

    Stingray Buildoff promotion ended

    With the stingray build off ending tomrrow i figured id make a 'promotion' thread to direct people to see :D here it is, and ends tomrrow :!: viewtopic.php?f=43&t=66842 VOTING HERE :arrow: viewtopic.php?f=43&t=68497&p=661053#p661053
  20. blackdiamond

    What about vistas?

    Im looking for info on vista bikes, well mostly crusiers. Anyone know about these brand of bike or have any?