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    Schwinn Town and Country 24 inch Tricycle

    I thought they would be 24 x 1 3/8 I went out and looked at my Town and Country Trike they are schwinn rims and have 24 x 1 1/4, possibly they take both sizes
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    Schwinn Town and Country 24 inch Tricycle

    I think they have to be exactly 24 x1 1/4 you cant go with anything else Kenda makes these tires
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    Cycle truck find

    Got this from the original owner, he bought it when he was a kid
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    craigslist find today

    you couldnt give me that bike
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    Finally got a mens tank bike

    Becareful of that GLASS reflector,,it is worth 50 bucks (-:
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    1962 Schwinn Speedster

    What do you wanna know about it ?,,i think they made it from 59 to 62,,came single, two and three speed. I know it came black, blue and red for sure,,oh yea mint green dont turn that bike into a rat rod,,keep it stock and ride it
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    worth lt?

    I sold a lot nicer one for 20 bucks,,couldnt even get a phone call on it,,then a freind wanted it mine was painted over but had all the parts fenders and all,,though I did steal the seat off it I found it in someones garbage
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    1952 Schwinn??

    I believe all the lugged frames were made by Panasonic in Japan. IN a last ditch attempt to keep making lightweight Schwinns in the USA some Le Tours were made in the Mississippi plant, but that attempt only lasted about 2 years,,those bikes probably did not have the lugged frame. Please let...
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    Schwinn Cruiser Find

    No it is probably a 95 or so made in Taiwan,,
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    Ok riddle me this...

    my very thought I never went to look at the bike,,,too far a ride to be dissapointed lol
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    Ok riddle me this...

    I have the feeling it is a repaint,,,though the guy swears it is not. BUt I dont think I will make the 2 hour ride unless I know exactly what it is.
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    Ok riddle me this...

    A guy called me to buy a bike,,,he doesnt have pictures, the bike is about 2 hours from me. He saw a picture of a Green Fastback I have 5 speed with a stickshift, he said it is like that one. He says both wheels are the same size 20" x 1 3/8 he says the rims say S6 on them. Has Schwinn decals...
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    $20 Schwinn XR-8 Stationary

    I have bought and found a few,,I never paid over 15 bucks, some morons ask 500 dollars for them bragging about how it is almost mint,,they are all almost mint cause nobody used them lol. It has the same seat as a Schwinn Heavy Duti,,a great seat, most of them have an extra long chrome seat post...
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    I found one just like it but a 3 speed coaster brake. Bike is almost mint looks like maybe never ridden. I actaully bought it to get the almost new tires off it to put the front one on a manta ray i just got. I was going to turn it into a muscle bike also, I have a seat and handle bars,,,but I...
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    Where Have Real American Factories Gone?

    Has nothing to do with most of things mentioned. Tariffs on imports used to average about 30%, that balanced out all other factors mentioned , like cheap labor. Since Reagan tariffs in reality are nothing averaging less than 3%. Germany doesnt have that problem cause they have tariffs to...
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    need some help on two frames

    Yea the yellow one is a worksman or possibly a later model Schwinn Heavy duti, but I would guess the worksman first.
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    sTp schwinn speedster

    some kid put those stickers on there, My father owned a Auto parts store when I was real young. I had STP stickers on everything lol He used to bring me home all different sizes. They were all over my bedroom door all over my loose leaf folder for school.
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    Schwinn suburban fillet braze

    I wouldnt waste my time putting one of those back together. I always sell my frames like that to guys that need the tubing to make recumbants or make fixies. YOu can buy them complete for 25 to 75 bucks why waste the time putting that back together? In the last three months I bought a almost...
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    Schwinn suburban fillet braze

    I believe the seat post diamater is larger on a fillet brazed frame also.