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    big tires

    Like these? Tire 24 x 4.25 Big Boa Super Fat Rear Tire 24 x 4.25; Big Boa "V" Tread" 35 PSI ChoppersUs has the tires and rims.
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    Craigs List experience

    Seriously dude, I think you went over and above... Keep the difference for your time and trouble.
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    RAG AND BONE (new pictures!)

    Steampunk rules!
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    26" bent springer forks...

    yeah... their number is not in service either... Methinks they are no more...
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    Springer fork Q - Travel block?

    Sounds like i do have some fabbing to do... It's a basic custom lowrider frame that I'm converting to a cruiser... I'm running a 26" up front and it really throws the geometry off so the fork swings in hard if not supported... Especially with the original kickstand being way too low... Gotta...
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    Springer fork Q - Travel block?

    Newbie question... I have a 26" classic springer fork on my sting ray frame... When the fork turns all the way, it whacks the frame... Is there some kind of lock or block that people use to make it not hit the frame? It's making a nice little dent in my bondo tank. TIA
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    Evans Bike ? Vintage

    I saw the ad for this one too... Kinda spendy. Post more pics if you do buy it!
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    What,s the deal?

    I hope he washed it really good before he rode it :shock: :lol: Ya don't know where that's been!
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    What,s the deal?

    the response: that person was informed i'd be closing it . it was listed wrong , in some cycling pictures or something. She wouldn't respond.I promise I'll honor the auction it was listed wrong she wouldn't budge. Regards Den
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    What,s the deal?

    DONE! I'll post up his response. What an .......
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    Bike/Music store?

    Interesting idea. I don't know how well that would work if he's depending on walk-in crossover business though. The two business models are not even close... If it's just for spit and giggles he should go for it but If he's serious about making money on the music line... he needs to seriously...
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    !!! Crank!Magazine issue#4 *download* !!!

    That's totally cool with me... I didnt know they were available. I'd like to order one of each please. PM me shipped price for lot (all 3 issues) to 91303 USA and your PayPal (or payment info). Thanks man!
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    !!! Crank!Magazine issue#4 *download* !!!

    THANKS! That magazine is amazing... Someone please post the back issues on rapidshare! I need more! Thanks dude!
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    Source for Custom Rims

    Hey all, newbie 1st time here... Does anyone have a good resource (online or local to SoCal) that builds custom spoke rims? I'm looking for a shop/company that will build staggered (24", 26") gold rims, black spokes (68 or 140) with gold hubs, disc brakes and freewheel on the 24" I've google...