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  1. MRuiz

    Bike show, August 10th Richmond, VA

    Thanks for showing up there JD. Maybe next year it will be biger?
  2. MRuiz

    Bike show, August 10th Richmond, VA

    hey Chris I will be there I am brining just two, one only has 600 miles on the speedo, installed by Agees in 72. The other is a 1963, came from York Pennsylvania. mitch
  3. MRuiz

    Bike show, August 10th Richmond, VA

    I got two original Paint bikes, I mite bring to show and sell. 1963 RED Typhoon, Painted fenders.... and a 1972 Green Typhoon two speed. Green has speedo rack and matching child seat..... Mitch
  4. MRuiz

    1950's Schwinn Cycle Truck

    Like mine, But better. I need a front fender to finish mine. Nice Job. Mitch
  5. MRuiz

    '67 Speedster

    I got a red one just like it for sale 60$, it is single speed. Mitch
  6. MRuiz

    59 schwinn tornado "Red" NEW PICS

    Re: 59 schwinn tornado "Red" If you want to sell the tank let me know? Sent zip 23836 Mitch
  7. MRuiz

    '61 American Teardown

    The Grips If they are not torn up, I can used them? Mitch
  8. MRuiz

    Viva Las Vegas 13 pics! Bikes, Babes, Bands, Rodz & Ratz!

    Fenderhole i live in Chester VA right on I 295 exit 15B. I am in restoring old Schwinns, Just got one Rat Bike. Do you run into a lot of Schwinn parts? I need a 3 speed wheel for a Midleweight. Mitch
  9. MRuiz

    4 of July bikes

    Spray paint in a can, dupicolor. to bad the star dust badge is not notice. I just tape over it, afraid of damaging it. mitch
  10. MRuiz

    My Corvette

    Springer is nice and smoth, abososbs the bumps find. The only thing you have to watch the tank, not to bend it. Mitch
  11. MRuiz

    4 of July bikes

    This is a 61 Jag, with workman wheels and large rear flange, not that heavy. Mitch
  12. MRuiz

    My Corvette

    Re: My Corvette vs a Jag This one is 4 of July ready, with workman wheels. mitch
  13. MRuiz

    '62 Typhoon

    Re: '61 Tornado This one now has it's right handle bar, and differant wheels, those were trash out. I cleaned up the gold paint, and underneith was the red. Mitch
  14. MRuiz


    How do you stop it? A video on you tube will be great riding it.
  15. MRuiz

    1948 Schwinn Admiral

    I thought it was a Majestic, by the head badge? I guest wrong.
  16. MRuiz

    black bikes?

    1960 ish Hawthorne Black of cousre
  17. MRuiz

    black bikes?

    IMG][/IMG] For sale cheap, 100 pick up in Maryland
  18. MRuiz

    1912 indian board track racer

    That is not a Schwinn frame.
  19. MRuiz

    61' Raleigh Dynohub

    Nice work on this bike. keep the pics showing.
  20. MRuiz

    RAG AND BONE (new pictures!)

    To me it looks like you caught THE Mother Alien, of all.