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  1. Mr. Farrell

    Hey there! Can you tell me what handlebars you used on the stray cat, and where you got them...

    Hey there! Can you tell me what handlebars you used on the stray cat, and where you got them? Would be much appreciated, thanks'
  2. Mr. Farrell

    Fisher Price, my first bike build.

    thanx. :)
  3. Mr. Farrell

    on the low low!!

    yeah... it would be great to rake out the head tube but id have to pay to get it welded. i've thought about doing the bent springer but im not sure its gonna fit the style quite well. im goin for a motorcycle style. id love to put a triple tree fork on there, but that would end up making sit...
  4. Mr. Farrell

    Fisher Price, my first bike build.

    well.. it only took 2 effing years, but i finally finished this .... thing.
  5. Mr. Farrell

    on the low low!!

    ok... here's the pic with the 20" front wheel. i'd really like to get a couple inches lower with a 24"
  6. Mr. Farrell

    Rat Rod pickup... but pedal powered!!!

    that'll be awesome. good luck.
  7. Mr. Farrell


    very interesting... looking forward to seeing the results.
  8. Mr. Farrell

    on the low low!!

    ehhh. no access to welding, but whats your idea? ill get some pics as soon as the camera battery is charged up.
  9. Mr. Farrell

    on the low low!!

    bueller?........... bueller?
  10. Mr. Farrell

    Backyard SoCal

    great views. love the cat.
  11. Mr. Farrell

    on the low low!!

    Hey peeps... need some opinions on my trike build. i've had a trail mate regal sitting around for a while because we weren't happy with the frame design (square tubing and no character at all)... but i recently found out that i could remove the rear end, so now im looking into hookin it up...
  12. Mr. Farrell

    headset wiggle

    well... appears to have been an easy fix. i tightened up the adjustable race a few turns and now its solid.
  13. Mr. Farrell

    headset wiggle

    well.. i might have to rle that out then. the adjustable race is definitely not rubbing on the bearing cup. i think i just didnt tighten enough. im headin home now. well see what happens.
  14. Mr. Farrell

    headset wiggle

    hmmm... i didnt think about the bearing cups being different. guess ill check that when i get home. thanx for the help.
  15. Mr. Farrell

    headset wiggle

    correction... when i put on the adjustable race (on top) is when it was grinding. (not the crown race).
  16. Mr. Farrell

    headset wiggle

    hello old friends. long time no see. i just reassembled our 78 stingray and i noticed the front end is super wobbly. i can feel the headset moving back and forth when push/pull on the handle bars. i need to know which part of the headset i need to tighten to fix this. when i put on the crown...
  17. Mr. Farrell

    The Reckless Kelly Trike

    nice!! looks good. i love exhile cycles. no one makes bikes more ...... than russell.
  18. Mr. Farrell

    Harbor Freight Bike Repair Stand - $30

    nice... that's a deal!!
  19. Mr. Farrell

    amazingly beautifull bike

    yoooooooowza. that's super funky. i didnt notice the fork at first, i was too busy lookin at the rear.