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    Lots of registered members, but how many active members?

    Still alive and kicking!
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    1957 Schwinn Panther - Winter Build

    Hey Jimbo, I was looking at your bike and I have to say I'm digging it! The frame is awesome and I like the color. I am a big fan of comfort bikes. So your bike is very similar to that look for me. But I am seeing your point about something just not setting right. I think if you switched out...
  3. PoppaShango


    Hey Dan, I think your project is going to rock! I built a very similar Sears Muscle Bike. You can check it out here viewtopic.php?f=21&t=11597 I especially like the colors you are going for. Looking forward to seeing the finished product! Late PoppaShango
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    Cool Low Ratter in Long Beach Ca.

    Nice low rat! I like the look!
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    1980 Raleigh Grand Prix "Road Warrior" Fixed

    LOL Thanks for compliment! Hey I'm not too particular when I sell one of my bikes. I do make sure that the bike fits the buyer though! But hey if the college hipsters crowd wants them , awesome I'll keep pumpin' them out. I have 14 other project bikes in the works. I do have plans for a stretch...
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    1980 Raleigh Grand Prix "Road Warrior" Fixed

    Thank you for the props! I haven't taken her out for a ride yet. We are still sittin' in snow here. Suppose to get 6 inches tonight. Besides, I have never rode a fixed gear before When it finally melts off I might give it a turn or two around the block, but then I'll sell it. Gotta pay...
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    1980 Raleigh Grand Prix "Road Warrior" Fixed

    This was an exciting project for me! This is a 1980 Raleigh Grand Prix 10 speed bicycle. This one was being salvaged for parts to get some other bikes back on the road down at the co-op. I will end up recycling many of the parts I replace back at the co-op. I brought her home to take her to a...
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    My Three Bikes - Pic Heavy -

    Bravo! Your bikes are absolutely a wonder to appreciate!
  9. PoppaShango

    Now With Full Write-Up - The Third Bike (pic heavy)

    Stepper, All I can say is I am a huge fan of your work! I absolutely am impressed by your bikes. Artfully done! Poppa
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    my little fender trick

    Very Cool! I have several bikes of this type that I have on standby. Going to remember this tip. Thanks!
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    1969 Schwinn Typhoon king sized Stingray Clone - new stuff!

    Re: 1969 green Schwinn Typhoon - soon to be faux Stingray! Cool I was hoping to see the Typhoon you mentioned in the other post! Where is that flea market again? I think everyone is going to be hitting it up! Can't wait to see this project!
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    Free Spirit Girls 3 speed lightweight for my Sister.

    Nice catch! I am big fan of these type of bikes. They make awesome utility bikes and they look great cleaned up. I am sure your sis is happy!
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    How to lower your bike 3 to 4 inches

    Nice clean conversion! Thanks for posting!
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    Show Your Muscle Bikes

    Re: Muscle Bikes Nice bikes here! I am big fan of Muscle Bikes so I will throw my latest project in the mix. This is a 1976 Sears Hi Riser. Thanks for this post and hope you like it. Here is where my build notes are located. viewtopic.php?f=21&t=11597
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    Noob, fo sho!

    You are right where you need to be my friend! Welcome!
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    What's Shakin' ?

    Welcome! I know the feeling about jumpin' right in!
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    revphil's Doorprize

    Great Bike! Welcome!
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    Hello from Oklahoma

    Welcome aboard!
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    La Cala-Klunk

    You're killing me! Finish that bike!...Gotta see it! lol
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    First build in a year or so..

    Amazing paintwork! That bike looks absolutely great!