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  1. mick5cents

    64 20"Sears new old parts,

    What size is that rat trap front fork?I like your bike.
  2. mick5cents

    Any Zippo guys here?

    It probably had a enamel coating that has worn off.
  3. mick5cents

    Mommy's Little Monster

    Social D rocks
  4. mick5cents

    First project

    Super kool
  5. mick5cents

    Schwinn Cruiser Classic 1998 w/AS springer find!

    if its from a limited run there should be a number on the headbadge,very small to see
  6. mick5cents

    Bomber Group Pics

    That's a nice looking herd you got there Mr.Fisk
  7. mick5cents

    Social Deviation finished

    woot woot
  8. mick5cents

    Old Wearwell Cycle Co. build

    That's one nice bike.Great work
  9. mick5cents

    Kustom Kruiser Slick Daddy

  10. mick5cents

    My other Roadmaster

    Very kool bike
  11. mick5cents

    1936 Monark Silver King Fish 254

    Those are so so cool.Your a lucky man.Congratulations
  12. mick5cents

    Sting-Ray Fastback Question

    Thanks Cman I thought something look funny.200$ seemed a little high.
  13. mick5cents

    Motorbike Find

    I will try an post better photos later.The bike is dark green with the red and white stripes,i think it will clean up nice.thanks for looking mick.It also has a Morrow brake hub with no numbers
  14. mick5cents

    Sting-Ray Fastback Question

    Don't know year,its a basic green fastback with front brake,Everything seems to be there,lite surface rust.What would be a good offer?
  15. mick5cents

    Motorbike Find

  16. mick5cents

    1950s JC Higgins Burgundy Powder Coat

    wow that ( wood) be different
  17. mick5cents

    If you could choose...