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  1. Flame Jigger

    Western Flyer / Murray

    Thanks man!
  2. Flame Jigger

    24" Firestone - Tank art options??

    Re: Firestone Special Cruiser 24" Looks good! I have used the caliper paint before and I like it.
  3. Flame Jigger


    I am speechless! Awesome bike.
  4. Flame Jigger

    The Bride of Another Monster Creator!

    Re: Nameless bike... Very cool bike. Love the taillight and the striping.
  5. Flame Jigger

    swap meet finds

    The frames look like Schwinn's to me.
  6. Flame Jigger

    Old News..DONE with pics :)

    Re: Old News..HELP I like the whitewalls with the black rims. I think the black walls might look better if the rims were a different color.
  7. Flame Jigger

    Old News..DONE with pics :)

    Re: Old News..mock up pics 5/10! SWEET!
  8. Flame Jigger

    j.c. higgins "Grimace" in the for sale section

    Re: grapecycle It is probably just rust. When folks talk about red, blue, yellow band bendix hubs they are referring to the 2 speed hubs. Although I have seen some single speed bendix hubs had colored bands.
  9. Flame Jigger

    "Iron Annie"

    This is one cool bike. I usually go for the strecthed cruisers. This has me thinking I want to build a bobber style bike soon. Thanks for some inspiration.
  10. Flame Jigger

    monark "KRUSH" back on the road

    Re: monark "KRUSH" almost I think the problem could be your rear dropout extensions might be flexing when you ride and causing the chain to pop off. They just don't look strong enough to me. I think you would have better luck if you could find another brake pad like you were using in the...
  11. Flame Jigger

    Tube bending question

    My brother has a hydraulic pipe bender I use. I have found a few tricks that help get better bends. I find long bends are much easier than short tight bends. I mark a center line on the tubing and cross marks about 1/2 inch apart. I also put cross marks on the bender to help keep things...
  12. Flame Jigger


    This gonna be one sik chik!
  13. Flame Jigger

    Red Zeppelin

    Except for the fact the frame was modified. Great bike though. I like the name.
  14. Flame Jigger

    Green Machine

    I had one when I was a kid and loved it. Wish I had one now.
  15. Flame Jigger


  16. Flame Jigger

    Flame Jigger's Stretched Lead Sled

    I went for a ride after work today. Decided the local Drive-In would be a good place to get some cool pics. Here is one I photo shopped. James Dean Double Feature 1955.
  17. Flame Jigger

    '64 Jag Resto

    I am usually not into resto's as I love a good patina. But I must say that is one sweet bike. Love the color.
  18. Flame Jigger

    Help my friend identify his find?

    I looked at the 2 Sturdee bikes I have and they are made in Japan. The rear dropouts look identical to the ones on these bikes. I would bet they are all made by the same company in Japan and were probably sold under several different brand names.
  19. Flame Jigger

    New Name. "FIREBIRD" Q High or Low

    Let it flow let yourself go.....Beastie's rock