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  1. slowrider

    Which 3spd hub, SA or Shimano?

    Cool, well thanks for all the info guys and I also did a lil researching myself and found lots of info on both hubs. I think I'm going with the SA hub but deciding to with a 2 speed kick back rather than the 3 speed. I like the fact that I can still maintain the clean look of my cruiser(no...
  2. slowrider

    Beautiful day for a beach cruise

    Thanks carbon, it also rides suuuper plush!
  3. slowrider

    Which 3spd hub, SA or Shimano?

    Stumey Archer or Shimano? Looking into getting a 3 speed hub, which is the best hub and what experiences do any of you have with either. Thanks.
  4. slowrider

    The Black Pearl (FINISHED PICS)!!!!!!!!!!

    Re: The Black Pearl Very nice build!
  5. slowrider

    Beautiful day for a beach cruise

    Hey thanks. Haha pretty cool! Pics of bikes sitting on the edge of two totally different oceans. Yes this thread has some cool potential.:) Cool Huffy btw.
  6. slowrider

    Beautiful day for a beach cruise

  7. slowrider

    spoke length

    Great thanks for the link Markm! I only have one question on that...what is the most common "cross pattern" for a 26"-36 spoke wheel?
  8. slowrider

    so my bike got stolen

    Re: so my bike got got stolen Where in SoCal are you??
  9. slowrider

    Good new cruisers under $200

    Imo it's the frame that makes the bike...everything else can be replaced. I have two bikes, one is a aluminum frame schwinn ruler and the other steel frame huffy cranebrook. They are both made in china but the welds on the schwinn seem a lot nicer and cleaner than on the huffy. Also another...
  10. slowrider

    Little love from Vegas

    Yeah I have the same frame, it's pretty cool, it has a short seat tube which gives it a low look. I bought mine at Costco in 2007. Kinda miss the stock look of it...nice bikes!
  11. slowrider

    Markm's Frame

    Very awsome bike...I dig the fat tubing :)
  12. slowrider

    bolt on handlebar cross bars

    Yeah I used an extra set of handlebars from my daughters 50 which ended up looking kinda cool...still deciding whether to keep the crossbar or not. :?
  13. slowrider

    Wide production bikes

    Thanks, how about any 26" bikes?
  14. slowrider

    Wide production bikes

    What production bikes (That are somewhat easily found) have wide chainstays to accept maybe a 4" wheel without heavy modding?
  15. slowrider

    spoke length

    Yes I would like to know the proper way for measuring up for spokes. I heard of some guide that can be down loaded but I haven't seen anything like that.
  16. slowrider

    Wide-large-fat-big momma tire

    Now how wide were you thinking? If you're going for an old school style boardtrack racer design you obviously don't to go too wide. What wheel diameter are you going to use?
  17. slowrider

    Springer not fitting

    Is that a 1" or 1 1/8" tube? I got a 1 1/8" tube I took off my schwinn I no longer need....should be the correct height too.
  18. slowrider


    Well after a few years of "mild" abuse the stock springer forks finally gave in...among with a couple other parts. Instead of replacing them with the same stock parts I decided to beef the bike up a lil to better accomidate my style of riding. Before: After: This is just a mock up... but...
  19. slowrider

    New Forks Installed,...Pics

    Cool handle bars!:)
  20. slowrider

    custom length spokes?

    Well with a lil research I found a decent source for custom length spokes so I thought I would share this for those of you who are looking into building a wheel or two;) ... =20&page=1