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  1. basscadetz

    new pics

    check out the new pic of my RRBBO. better late than never, eh?
  2. basscadetz


    right now, the guy who does the cycling show crank my chain is live at a bike fair in portland. click this link then click on the cam, to join the chat. there will be music, bikes, competition, interviews, etc. seriously check it out. it should...
  3. basscadetz

    helmet laws

    so, as some of you may know im moving to australia very soon and i just found out they have helmet laws for bicycles. is it just me or are ALL bike helmets goofy looking? does anyone have any options for the non goofy helmet? im thinking a skateboard helmet.
  4. basscadetz

    club colours

    got pics of your clubs colours? here's mine.
  5. basscadetz

    thanks to chainsaw

    got my stickers today! thanks for giving me enough to pass out to my bike club. you rock!
  6. basscadetz

    zoobomb? no lot bomb!

    here's a short video of us bombing parking garages on pixies, from last weekend. enjoy, and rickster, dont try this at home.
  7. basscadetz

    my vacation weekend

    so, i came up to oklahoma city for this past weekend to ride with some club brothers and sisters and had a BLAST. we had a really rainy pub crawl on friday, sat we went and bombed parking garages on pixies along with seeing a motorcycle show, sunday we drank and drank some more monday we had...
  8. basscadetz

    do you have kids?

    apple jacks cereal has an offer for a disney cyclometer on the box, in case you have kids. i have no kids, but im getting one anyway for the girlfriend.
  9. basscadetz

    this is SWEET

    ive always had a love for older japanese bikes. i wish i had 2700 laying around
  10. basscadetz

    life is crazy

    well, my catahoula gave birth this morning. 7 puppies total but one died. it was her first heat, and first litter, and she handled it like a pro! i took a pic of the first one then in all the excitement i lost my camera? haha i cant find it anywhere! this was the first time i witnessed...
  11. basscadetz


    any of you cats got myspace? it's cool to see who/what you're talking to. mine is
  12. basscadetz

    what kinda riding?

    I'm just posting to see what kind of riding you guys do? daily? weekly? monthly? don't own a car? what kind of events have you done on your bike? cruises? pub crawls? critical mass? i'm a daily rider with no car. i've done all of these, and have also done charity rides, poker runs, bike...
  13. basscadetz

    want a puppy?

    anyone want a NOS catahoula pitbull mix puppy? free + shipping or pickup. includes first round of shots :D:D:D
  14. basscadetz

    glass beading my fork bearing cups?

    well, i want to paint the cups, but they're chrome so im thinking i should glass bead them with all the rest of the stuff im doing. i know not to paint the insides (duh), but do you think the glass beading of the insides will effect performance much? i kinda doubt it will with an ample supply of...
  15. basscadetz

    24 x 3 tire question

    well i know a 26 x 3 wont fit my cruiser, so im assuming all these fat tires im seeing on cruisers are 24 x 3? is that how you're fitting them? i'm just assuming because ive never seen these 3 inch tires before this site......
  16. basscadetz

    RRBBO - Katrina

    Well, I just found this site, just did my intro a few days ago, and since I was rebuilding a bike anyway, and have pics of the progress, i'll go ahead and enter it. I know it's a bit late in the game, but i'm gonna enter it anyway, and if i don't make the deadline, i'll still have a bad ......
  17. basscadetz


    I found this site on in the alt bike section, checked it out, and yep, my kinda thing. I am currently living in Oklahoma, just moved here after living in New Orleans for the past 11 or so years, where I got into the whole bike thing. Rode as a delivery person for quite a few...