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  1. chaunceysj

    old news (lowrider)

    hey guys haven't been on in a while just finished this up. decided to go less flash and allittle different on the frame. no paint!
  2. chaunceysj

    Unofficial: All RRBBO #6 Finished Bikes (pic heavy: beware)

    geez, soooo many nice bikes. i dont even know which ones to choose! :shock: Nice work guys!
  3. chaunceysj


    saw this at the behind bars show today. great work!
  4. chaunceysj

    1935 Monark 5 BAR "Deluxe 6 Rat Racer"

    i'm blown away on this one. Its art!
  5. chaunceysj


    i like this one alot :D
  6. chaunceysj


    was a great show lots of cool stuff out there :D
  7. chaunceysj

    *** MAXXIMUM FLOW ***

    just awesome. Nice work!
  8. chaunceysj

    Straight from Bonneville***The Speed Demon***(DONE!!!)

    Re: Straight from Bonneville***The Speed Demon***(Update #4) very nice! :D
  9. chaunceysj

    Roth Green Machine

    awsome color for that frame!! :D
  10. chaunceysj

    70 bucks well spent

    well at a quick glance the seconf frame has nubers on the bottom bracket as well as on the seat tube. kinda wierd place but hey. :?: and yeah i jumped on that aluminum frame got plans for it already. :)
  11. chaunceysj

    70 bucks well spent

    first one as i was told by the guy i bought it from was a custom built aluminum frame. not a 700c, but a 650c. :D thinkg is wicked bladed stays and down tube and its gott all the fiting to run cables inside the frame. for $20 bucks there was no way i could pass it up :D :D
  12. chaunceysj

    70 bucks well spent

    thanks Larz. any way of finding out for sure? it does have some numbers stamped into it in a few places. ive always played with scwhinns where you an look up the vin numbers.
  13. chaunceysj

    70 bucks well spent

    hey guys hit a swap meet today and i think i did fairly well. :D got two frames: this was $20 and this was $50 dont know much about what this frame is any help would be appreciated. :D
  14. chaunceysj

    need some help with i.d. of this bike, i know its a schwinn

    got it. that would make sense then
  15. chaunceysj

    need some help with i.d. of this bike, i know its a schwinn

    isn't the serial number refering this bike to be a 1962? becasue the first portion is A2 :?: i think the A was the month and the 2 was the year in the codes after i think 58 or somthing around there. i could be wrong tho. as far as what it is im not sure. ive got a 62 typhoon similar but its...
  16. chaunceysj

    World Sport Redo

    lookin good :D
  17. chaunceysj

    << TURLOCK>> 1-29 through 1-30-11

    jeez this meet seemed a bit overpriced compared to the last few. :( ended up only buying a few tools cuz it seemed like everything was allittle rich for my blood. oh well had a blast drove up there this mornign with my friend and his dad at 4:30am to get there at opening. was worth it for the...
  18. chaunceysj

    Turlock Pics !!!

    Re: So Who's Going To Turlock ??? ill be there saturday :D
  19. chaunceysj

    World Sport Redo ... 012&sr=8-6 not a shimano but a sealed cratrige. havent used this tho. not $20.. but $26... for the shimano on here. im sure you could get it on ebay for a bit cheaper. :D ... 097&sr=8-4