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  1. chromespeed

    Rusty Rodeo

    I posted these bikes in fresh finds a few weeks ago and decided I was going to try and put one of them together for the build off. I know it's just a rusty old girls bike and won't compare to the bikes being built but it's still a lot of fun putting one together.
  2. chromespeed

    Rusty Girls

    I came home the other day and found these sitting in front of my garage. A friend of mine dropped them off and gave them to me, he said he found them on his Dad's farm when they were cleaning up some junk piles. Both of them are skip tooth bikes. One is a BF Goodrich and I'm not sure what the...
  3. chromespeed

    It's rough, but what is it?

    I picked this up at a flea market today. It's a little rough but I thought the frame could be useful. Not sure what it is, 15EH is the only number I can find on it and it's on the very bottom of the crank housing. Anybody have an idea what it is?
  4. chromespeed

    Little Rusty Green

    A friend of mine dug this out of the needs some wheels and some straightening but I think I can do something with it, it's too cool to waste.
  5. chromespeed

    Galaxy Flyer

    I picked up this jewel for $50 not sure what I'm going to do with it yet.
  6. chromespeed

    Rat Trap

    A buddy of mine picked up this bike and I was wondering if anyone could identify what it is. It has a crazy looking springer front end on it, kind of looks like a big rat trap. There is no name plate on the front or any other markings on it. He said there was a serial number on the rear...
  7. chromespeed

    Women's 52 Schwinn

    Can anybody tell me what this 52 Schwinn is worth? I haven't seen it in person but it looks good and rusty. The guy wants $75.00 for it.
  8. chromespeed

    My New Project

    This is a very cool forum! I am new on here so forgive me if I don't post something right or make myself look like a fool :) I know I could go to Wal-Mart and buy a new Cruiser but it just wouldn't be the same especially since these were my Dad's bikes when he was a kid, and I think they need...