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    Huffy Thunder Trail Monoshock

    I finally spent money on this... bought a chain for it! Put the pedals from my ‘40 klunker on it and hung it back on the wall where it will probably remain. The rear stays have heaps of room for more wheel and tire. The rear dropouts have a ton of adjustment so a 24” should fit just fine. It’s...
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    Polish bikes

    I’m of Polish descent so I think that technically makes all of my bikes Polish.
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    Huffy Thunder Trail Monoshock

    Well spotted. Previously I noticed this nick in the chain stay but failed to put two and two together. The chainring is also a split hair away from the stay, definitely couldn’t have come that way when new. With that newly learned information I decided that it’s just going to be a wall hanger...
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    Huffy Thunder Trail Monoshock

    LOAF seat! That’s the search word I needed, thank you! I’ll keep an eye on eBay. Does anyone know anything about these bikes? I’m thinking that my chainring was probably swapped (I haven’t seen a pic of one online with the (Murray?) chainring. Not that I’d switch it out, I’m just curious. I...
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    Huffy Thunder Trail Monoshock

    I’ve currently got a big project list and no access to a sandblaster so I just decided to clean this old nugget up and reassemble. I scrubbed the front and rear triangles and fork down with SOS pads, cleaned up the BB hardware and started bolting things back together. Interestingly enough it...
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    1935 Wards Hawthorne Silver King

    You made her pretty again! When’s the tank going on? :bigsmile:
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    Double Klunk!

    I bought it for the S4 tandem wheels which coincidentally fit a modern 27.5 mtb tire. So I had to give that a shot :) The tires are 2.0” which actually measure 2.1” and are a bit too big for the frame unfortunately.
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    Double Klunk!

    Picked this up from a buddy down in AZ. Somewhere between 1946-48.
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    Huffy Thunder Trail Monoshock

    This frame could really use a new look but I can’t decide what that should be. The only certain thing is that the tires will be white. Maybe I’ll just clean it up and put it back together as is...
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    Huffy Thunder Trail Monoshock

    I picked this up a few years ago along with a bunch of other stuff, sold everything else and this weirdo has been hanging on my wall ever since. Driving home late the other night I spotted a couple kids 20” coaster brake bikes with free signs on them :) I’ll cherry pick the appropriate parts...
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    Show me your fixed gear bikes. Any fixed wheel bicycle is allowed.

    Been riding it nearly 100 miles a week on average. Most recent upgrade is a 52t chainring and Phil 17t cog, so hopefully I’ll get more than 600 miles out of a rear tire now.
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    Schwinn Racer Wheel Options

    I put 700c wheels on my 59 Traveler (basically the same thing as a Racer) but was only able to fit a 32mm tire under the fender. 35's were just too big.
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    1940 Schwinn DX Klunker Build

    Sorry, no updates. It’s still sitting waiting on wheels! As soon as they arrive I’ll build the wheels with my hubs, mount some rubber and see exactly how I need to modify the chain stays.
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    Singlespeed or fixed gear conversion gallery.

    Thanks! You've done some really good work yourself! I still need to figure out how I want to wrap the bars, but other than that it's done. Ohh, and I need the weather to break 40 degrees so I can make it my daily driver again.
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    Singlespeed or fixed gear conversion gallery.

    1981 Schwinn Voyageur fixed
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    Which (Vintage) Frame for Fix Geared Bike?

    Holy crap, I forgot I started this thread! I did build a fixed gear, it’s been my daily driver.
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    Seatpost Won’t Stay Put!

    Amen. I eventually found the correct 26.8mm post.
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    26" wheel in a 24" Schwinn frame?

    Put a 27.5” wheelset on a 26” frame.
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    Yellow and blue band hub remakes

    I thought all blue hubs were 28h and yellow were 36h. If Bendix made blue 36h, that’s news to me. I put blue 1.5:1 guts in a yellow 36h shell for a big overdrive.