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  1. soulshine73

    Basement fresh flightliner

    They always look better in pictures lol Sent from my SCH-I535PP using Tapatalk
  2. soulshine73

    Basement fresh flightliner

    Just scored this #og flightliner from a real estate agent who found it in a basement. I just finished cleaning off 30 years of basement oxidation. Looks almost brand new now! Sent from my SCH-I535PP using Tapatalk
  3. soulshine73

    BO11 Parts-O-Rama - Springers, seats, tank

    ....!!! .... !!! ....!!! I guess I just missed that CWC fork. been searching for that type springer for two years now for my 1959 amf roadmaster sky king. Please let me know if the deal does not go through and give me second dibs. I have a correct but ladies fork on it now.
  4. soulshine73

    End of the day Dudley swap meet purchase

    The plan was only to go there and sell. But Its hard to stick to that rule once I end up with money in my pocket. Got a decent price on this nice higgins and couldnt refuse it. lol Thank you Tanksalot for the good deal on the higgins wheel set. It llooks a lot better now This is actually what...
  5. soulshine73

    1958 SCHWINN ?

    I am no expert but there is no way to tell if it is a hornet or a spitfire with out the original chain guard.. the chain guard would have the logo of model name on it. A hornet would have a tank and painted rims unless it was a hornet deluxe (chrome rims). but a deluxe would also have a springer...
  6. soulshine73

    gender bender part out

    Re: gender bender decided to part it out
  7. soulshine73

    Found Skirt Guards & a light ..

    LOOKS GREAT :mrgreen:
  8. soulshine73

    gender bender part out

    Re: gender bender I originally bought this bike to part out because of all the cool parts on it. Now I am having trouble deciding if I should or not. Seems like its kind of a special bike.
  9. soulshine73

    gender bender part out

    Re: gender bender it was a Rhode Island craigslist find. Newport, Ri
  10. soulshine73

    gender bender part out

    picked this vintage custom rat today. thought it was too neat to pass up. Decided to part it. please see for sale section if interested in anything
  11. soulshine73

    I just couldn't resist

    Call me crazy, but i just couldn't resist this clean 57 Hornet Deluxe. The crazy part is I drove almost 8 hours round trip to pick it up. I had never seen this color combo before and fell in love with it. Even crazier is that I now own two 57 Hornets and I purchased them both in upstate Vt...
  12. soulshine73

    North East EPIC BOSTON Bike Ride SEPTEMBER

    I could do sept. 8th. We have some really great flat bike paths in RI. If anyone is interested we should ride the east bay bike path. 14 miles of gorgeous flatness that follows the Narragansett bay coastline.
  13. soulshine73

    55 Columbia 3 star

    I KNOW :wink:
  14. soulshine73

    Free find today

    There is a two digit number stamped on the rear hub underneath the Sturmey Acrher Logo that can help you date your bike. The two digits represent the year the hub was made and most likely the year the bike was made also
  15. soulshine73

    55 Columbia 3 star

    Well I didn't know that about you. I have a really nice 55 Western Flyer X53 as well :D
  16. soulshine73

    55 Columbia 3 star

    I told myself I wasn't gonna buy anymore bikes but I couldn't resist this one. It was in such nice original condition. I have always loved the early fifties 3 and 5 stars. Wish it had a springer but you can't have everything. Gonna ride it and enjoy it for a bit. If I sell I will let you know.
  17. soulshine73

    55 Columbia 3 star

    Meet a nice toy dealer while riding my luxury liner around at Brimfield looking for scores. He liked my bike and we got to talking. He said he had an old bike that I would probably like and that he might be ready to part with. I gave him my card and I rolled off. A week later he called and...
  18. soulshine73

    Supergoose CL find

    And it was 20 minutes from my house!
  19. soulshine73

    metal bin find....girls bike

    That is definitely not trash. Nice score. :mrgreen:
  20. soulshine73


    Anyone know how to date this beauty? Does it have original parts? serial # on the crankcase reads 1169516. it has AME grips and MX brakes. The mags are Troxel, which I never heard of.