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  1. ScurryMurray

    Unknown Frame

    I posted this over in the "BIKE I.D." area but with 45+ views and not 1 guess, even, I am posting here to. If you have any thoughts let me know please. Help on Old Motorbike ( viewtopic.php?f=62&t=51908 ) Postby ScurryMurray on Wed Feb 01, 2012 7:20 pm So many of these old frames look alike...
  2. ScurryMurray

    Help on Old Motorbike

    So many of these old frames look alike! Can anyone help me I.D. this frame manufacturer and year or range? I am thinking mid-30's Schwinn, although the guy I got it from is leaning toward Henderson or Elgin... or is it something else? Thanks elliott **Notice: - where the downtube meets the...
  3. ScurryMurray


    My lady and I have had an eye out for a tandem, for a little while now. Finally found one that is in proper condition and, to be honest, to her liking. After all she does have the final say... :oops: (on this one!) It's a '71 Schwinn Twinn single speed. After I loaded it into the truck, I found...
  4. ScurryMurray

    Finished "On A WIMH"

    So here it is. This was my first go at a Build Off, and I have to say it was a lot of fun! Not only putting together my bike, but seeing the others do theirs. We're always amazed at the talent shown by the members! I'm glad I took part in this Build Off, and hope to do it again! blah, blah...
  5. ScurryMurray

    "Awesome" Lil Rat Build for my Lady

    Scored a Giant Awesome 18 -speed off of Craigslist and turned it a little ratty for my lady. Here it is as purchased. LadyBird Special (before) by curlywolf, on Flickr I took off the derailleurs, knobby tires and cables, and used the fenders, wheels and tires from my Murray. Added some old...
  6. ScurryMurray

    On A Wimh (Yeah I know its not spelled right)

    I've had this little Pixie in my garage, getting little attention, and since I have not taken part in any previous Build Off I thought I would give it a go this time around. The Bike (as acquired): 1977 Schwinn Pixie II '77 Pixie II as I got it. by curlywolf, on Flickr
  7. ScurryMurray

    Red Rider 57 Spitfire

    Comments, critiques? w red tires dvwy by curlywolf, on Flickr wrd field rear3.4 by curlywolf, on Flickr wrd westwind by curlywolf, on Flickr
  8. ScurryMurray

    '57 Schwinn Spitfire

    Spitfire in Petaluma by curlywolf, on Flickr
  9. ScurryMurray

    If it ain' broke, don't fix it.

    There are so many people taking old road frames and converting them to fixed gears. While I enjoy the clean lines and simplicity of them I don't see the functionality as a daily-use machine. So I built a bike that has the look and well... brakes! I just 'finished' a 70's Fuji road frame. When I...
  10. ScurryMurray

    I broke down and built a fixie...

    ... however I am waiting on the freewheel cog, I just couldn't wait any longer to ride it, since I got the wheels in the mail last week. So, here are the before and after shots. I think its a 70's(?) era bike. It was originally a 10-speed Fuji, now its a 1-speed Fuji. Haha. 3 Fuji Side by...
  11. ScurryMurray

    His & Hers: 52 Schwinn & 53 Roadmaster

    Couple a Craigslist finds I picked up in the past few weeks for my Lady & myself. A 1952 Schwinn 'Spitfire' and 1953 Roadmaster by CWC. 52 Schwinn by curlywolf, on Flickr 53 Roadmaster by curlywolf, on Flickr
  12. ScurryMurray

    6 for the price of none.

    It was a good week for me and free bikes! Since last Sunday I got, at no cost, 6 bikes from local folks who no longer had a need for them. I got 4 from one older gentleman who was having a garage sale. No bikes were in sight, but I asked if he had any. He replied that his kids had long since...
  13. ScurryMurray

    Murray Serial Number Info/ Date

    Can anyone give me some info on when this frame would have been produced? Its a Murray "Sportcrest" and has a stamp on the left rear drop out that reads "MO 622X69 4029" Here is a pic of how it looked when i got it, and some close-ups of parts: Thanks, el
  14. ScurryMurray

    Changed the look, again. What do you think?

    I was itching to pick up a wrench, so I tweaked the look of my Murray. Nixed the apehangers, tilted the fenders back, and lowered the seat a little. I also took off the front generator and added another 6v to give the headlight all 12v it asks for. BEFORE: AFTER:
  15. ScurryMurray

    Radio Flyer

    So I remembered I had this old Radio Flyer 80 wagon rusting to heck in the backyard and thought "Why not?" ...It'll need some new tires as the original hollow plastic ones are shot, but it should look nice with a little work. And the paint and weathering match the bike well. What do you think?
  16. ScurryMurray

    Royce Union Serial Number help?

    Hello All, Thanks for taking the time to look! This is how the bike looked when I purchased it: (Short and Sweet: I want to know the model name and age of my Royce Union bike at the Flickr link below.) The Serial Number is below. (I have swapped out the original handle bars for the drop...
  17. ScurryMurray

    New Guy Showing My Rat Cruiser and Banana Seat

    Hello all. Here's my first attempt at showing what my bikes. Let me know what you think. The black cruiser is (from what i was told) a Murray Sportcrest. If you could ID it as something else, I'd like to hear your opinion. I have some close-up pics at Flickr, if you're curious. The pink one is...
  18. ScurryMurray

    1st Post from The North Bay

    Hi All. Just dropping a quick hello. My name's Elliott. I live in Santa Rosa and just stumbled across this site. So I am new here, but I'm not new to customizing bikes. When I was a kid I remember taking a wheel from my scooter to put on the front of my Huffy. Had that thing raked! The gallery...