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    Shimamo deep dish cog for Felt 24"x3" wheel Question

    Cool thanks, I'll get that one.
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    Shimamo deep dish cog for Felt 24"x3" wheel Question

    I have Felt bike with the wide 24"x 3 tires, the rear sprocket broke. I wondered if the deep dish on that is the same as those seen on ebay? I will give the original one a smash and weld in the meantime, just checking for options. The original one on the bike was a 21T, it looks like 22T and...
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    Sorry to bring up this old thread, but did some one save out the pictures of. This side car or have the item number?
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    A bike in the kitchen! My wife's idea!

    Good idea to removed half the handlebar, of find a another set to chop in half, you might also remove the pedal on that side. You might want to look at crating a ledge to set the wheels on, then some hooks with chain to hang the bike at an angle down. Lucky you can get away with it.
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    Custom Fabrication Costs

    3D printing steel is still not that great, you still have to have finish work done if you want a super smooth part. I would just mold a clean 3D print, cast it a a nice strong resin and them have it VUM'd or chrome painted. Either way you'd still be a 3-5K in the hole. I don't see anyone paying...
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    Custom Fabrication Costs

    This is what i would do.. Best way have the part scanned in 3D, have a 3d modeler take that file clean it up, print a copy with proper wall thickness, check to see if the lens still fit or fits where its supposed to go. clean that part up and have a resin cast made. From here you can either...
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    Nexus 3 on Worksman 26x2.125 not braking!?!?!?!?

    I suspect you put something in wrong order or in the facing wrong direction. Also i believe your supposed to use special shimano grease, maybe there is too much grease in there.
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    Might have just gotten the invitation of a lifetime

    Why are you here posting this?? Your supposed to report back with images AFTER you've secured everything! Dang I'm jealous, I never get these types of deals. But alas posting about it usually jinxes it, 3 generations could be someone born in the 60's maybe but some bikes in the the 70's have...
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    Nexus 3 skipping forward slipping or ghosting forward

    The Chain was an NOS Diamond Chain #56 or #61 a really nice one. The cogs looks fine, I have a big boy 52T toothe up front and a Shimano 23 tooth in the rear. Its to make up the ration difference between having a 52T instead of a 46T up front. The ghosting doesn't happen in the heavy or the...
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    Pee Wee X1 Part II

    Looks like your project is coming along, changing the gearing in the rear sprocket helps with the weight too. Someone a custom built at Palm Cycle with those same bags ... -bike.html I made my bags work , yeah its heavy, i eventually will add a real 3...
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    Nexus 3 skipping forward slipping or ghosting forward

    Well i adjusted a bit and some of the slack went away, does no one have this issue, wow?
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    Nexus 3 skipping forward slipping or ghosting forward

    Hi, The chain on my wife's Dx (nexus 3 coaster with grip shifter) busted the other day, so i went in and changed the chain. Now i'm getting a slipping forward before engaging when pedaling forward, coaster works fine, is just adjustment in the shifter on the hub? Im going to fiddle with that...
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    How long can you get away with having a bike in the house?

    6 months, about 8 of them in the living room, but my lease is up on that room soon, cause gotta clean up and organize the garage! We moved in to a new place about that long ago.
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    Restoration Question

    Get some 0000 brass wool and some turtle wax chrome cleaner, this combo should clean up the chrome, for the paint if you get 3m hand glaze, it should clean it up and them go over it with a good wax.
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    1939 Ace badged Schwinn

    sorry i didn't get back to you guys, One thing to note is I've gotten a few all original girls bikes, where the BB and crank have never been removed. I had to build up a prewar for my wife and had a few sets of Schwinn cranks and front sprockets laying around. Some of the sprockets would not...
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    1939 Ace badged Schwinn

    Note that the crank length and the front sprocket are correct for a girls bike if the are original to the bike, it means the crank arms are shorter and the mounting hole on the sprocket are different from a boys bike. If you found a nice original paint girls bike, that hardware would suit it...
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    New Project Schwinn DX (FINISHED)

    Re: New Project Schwinn DX The fork looks like a non springer fork, with a springer front and trusses
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    Schwinn Springer Fork Help - What size it this!?!?

    call memory lane classics, they may be able to help. Otherwise replace the whole pivot bolt with a new one.
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    20" Schwinn Phanton?

    yes you did miss something, it's called collectors and decorators, people driving up the price of things on ebay. It happens, I've been mainly just watching them. But there have been 20" Schwinns going from 2000.00 to 4500.00. If you have one and it fits the bill, or you need the money, you...
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    20" Schwinn Phanton?

    Sorry just posted quickly, if you know Schwinn springers, the rear pivot springer would more correct for an early Phantom. Depends on the year it supposed to be. The other reason why there is not any real phantoms is that there is ads or catalog images that have been posted. The are nice bikes...