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  1. Illiterite Wino

    Murray Street Machine and some others

    not usually my cup of tea (I own two bikes with derailleurs now ;) ) but for the little cash they wanted for it I couldn't go wrong. Got it home and saw it has a double grip rear drum break on it. Also, I have never seen a 2 speed bike where the chain adjusts on the front crank instead of the...
  2. Illiterite Wino

    New Bars!

    Got a great deal on these bars a bit ago and they just showed up today so I had to show them off :)
  3. Illiterite Wino

    Mystery BMX rims

    picked these up in a all or nothing deal with a ton of other decent 20" stuff they seem different than most... weight of both combined is 5Lbs the way they sit rims are only an inch-a-quarter width.. seems really thin not really the right forum for this I am aware, but this is one of the only...
  4. Illiterite Wino

    Slow Motion Build #28949594 Spaceliner

    Picked this up on the local CL a week or so ago.... thought I'd do another start to a build.. let's see if I can finish this one in a sort of timely fashion... Tried my first citric acid bath last night with it.. bath tub is clean bike.. not so much... not sure if I was expecting a miracle...
  5. Illiterite Wino

    74 SubUrban with mystery rack

    just picked this up, no plans as of now except to lose the baby seat on the bay of E's can not figure out the front rack, which broke off already at the welds, except it looks as though something may of slid on and off for convenience.... maybe a basket you could take shopping or whatever...
  6. Illiterite Wino

    Columbia and an old Huffy

    couple of recent additions... snagged this Huffy a few days ago... plan on saving it until winter to do a restoration on it and then hang on to it until I can find it a new home... fingers crossed I don't pick it apart for other builds lol here's a Columbia I actually picked up a few...
  7. Illiterite Wino

    Camel Back Hawthorne

    not usually into skinny bikes.. but for the price I could not pass it up this belonged to a guy's wife's dad and had sat in a barn for the last 30 years or so.. he drug it out and tried CL around a year ago with no luck.. tried a garage sale, had an offer but turned it down.. did not sell at...
  8. Illiterite Wino

    American Woman from Hollywood

    So I recently picked up this Hollywood started parting out what I wanted from it to rebuild it up for a friends girlfriend when I realized this could be a matching womans' bike for mine...and I could possibly build it with parts laying around (that's always a plus when on a budget lol) Mine...
  9. Illiterite Wino

    New connection and some free tires

    A few people have been telling me about a gentleman a few towns over who fixes up bikes and resells them.. finally had a chance today to go and introduce myself. Very nice fella.. I was excited to see his selection is mostly newer stuff.. so figured he wasn't into older stuff. He's not lol long...
  10. Illiterite Wino

    My Slow-Mo builds

    Decided to just put all my builds in one thread since most are just some small mods... always wanted a skip tooth drive train for this old HP Snyder, found a set on a junker I recently picked up took lots O' pics of course chain still rotated fine, just pulled it to soak over night in...
  11. Illiterite Wino

    Picking these gems up tonight

    found on local CL def picking these two up and possibly this if the price is right will post better pics once i get them.. I have to work so the step-son is going to grab them for me tonight
  12. Illiterite Wino

    Nice little Huffy Customliner

    had this dropped off today.. should clean up nice.. see if the wife likes it or just flip it had to remove a twisted up front basket and the 20" rear wheel that was on it... luckily I had a yard art bike just the same size... plan on cleaning it tomorrow and see if the horn works...
  13. Illiterite Wino

    Ross parts bike

    a few months back I sold a 20" to a friend of mine, then they moved and left this next to their old house, I asked him about it and he said his dad didn't want it so I could grab it if I wanted.. went over and picked it up now and found it had the bars and seat that was originally on the bike I...
  14. Illiterite Wino

    First shot at fender drop

    Liked the look of the low slung fenders I've seen on a few bikes around here.. decided to try it out myself pardon the zipties lol have to admit I was expecting the rear to catch and get ripped off... to my surprise it only hit twice with no sustainable damage
  15. Illiterite Wino

    (MBBO Class 1) "The Motivator"

    slight chance this may be the only photo to appear in this thread :P Haven't built anything in a while, and I have all these parts laying around.. so why not.. let's see if this can get me motivated lol here's some of what I'm starting with
  16. Illiterite Wino

    Purple-ing my wifes ride

    Not really a real build but...decided to fancy up my wife's El Camino she has had for years got her a nanner seat and hit some of the chrome with Krylon X Metal Purple... it matched the original purple pretty well I think unfortunately I ran out of paint, and the bars need some touch ups...
  17. Illiterite Wino

    Sears Spyder

    picked this up a while back from my friend's scrapyard cleaned up decent, but back rim had a serious flat spot in it. Stepson stopped over and switched rings with an old mt bike tire I had laying around... rides like new now.. seatclamp bolt snapped when I tried to loosen it it adjust the...
  18. Illiterite Wino

    Slowly reclaiming my upstairs

    My step daughter has been storing her stuff in what used to be my overflow/don't ride them much area (have a hard time calling it a showroom with the condition of everything :lol: ) for the past couple years. We don't use the upstairs here so in the winter the other room up there doubles as my...
  19. Illiterite Wino

    Maybe a lifetime supply of chain

    Picked this up today from the scrapyard like a glove also snagged this up... not sure what I am going to do with it since I am not mechanically inclined what-so-ever also got another 70's girls Huffy missing only a front tire.. most likely parts
  20. Illiterite Wino

    Murray Eliminator 24

    so I picked this up recently at the scrapyard, unfortunately it has a broken frame.. decided if it doesn't ride I have some frame art, and a couple parts to sell off for other builds I'm "working" on :? here's the break (any welders out there know if this is fixable?) now for tear down...