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    New Find....

    That is Awesome! Please let me know if you come up with anything definitive. Thanks!!! WillyB.
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    New Find....

    Re: New Find.... w/ New Pics!! No stamp to the side and the rear hub is a New Departure. rear hub by WillyBo1, on Flickr
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    New Find....

    Updated CWC Serial # Definitely not yard art! I didnt expect this bike to be in this good of shape. I have re-grease the wheels, oiled the chain, added tires and tubes & getting ready to take it for a test run :D I'd love to find an original fender!! The serial # on bottom bracket is...
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    New Find....

    I bought this Western Flyer to be "yard art", got there and looks like this bike will be easily converted to a Rat. I may have to get wheels, but possibly just tubes and tires :wink: From what I've seen is it a late 40's CWC??
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    Which front wheel?

    Thanks gang, I was liking the HookWorm myself and my buddy said the 29er, but now I see the errors in our ways 8) After discounting the Bad@ss I reinstalled it tonight and took it for a spin, it looks great on there!! That also saves the HookWorm set for the Super Deluxe. :P Thanks again...
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    Which front wheel?

    Hello fellow Raters, I'm still playing with this Electra Rat Fink and thought I found the front tire I wanted, then asked a friend and got a different opinion. So now I have to ask... Which do ya'll like better The Bad@ss? The HookWorm?? or the Orgin8 29er??? Thanks for your time! WillyB.
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    Huffy Top Fuel Rail

    Yep, pretty effin cool!
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    yesterdays trash find......

    Is that a cheap Mongoose or old school?
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    Electra Bicycle Pics

    Yep, those wheels set that bike off!!!
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    Best FINDS of 2011

    I'd like to get some pinstripping, other than that I think I'm done...
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    Electra Bicycle Pics

    My Pink Fink
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    stretch that transforms into tallbike

    I want one!
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    Roach. Turbo'd methanol rat bike! now shooting FLAMES!

    Re: Roach. Turbo'd methanol rat bike! Great video on FB, Awesome bike!!!
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    let me see those suicide shifter bicycles

    Probably the coolest bke I've ever seen! How big are those tires?
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    Can you put balloon tires on a 1955 Schwinn middleweight?

    My 1960 Speedster middleweight with Nirve Bad A$ $ 2.125. Great fit!
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    Best FINDS of 2011

    Doesn't look like much in this photo, but I'm almost with her make over... Muhahahah!!!!(rubbing hands together)
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    How many bikes

    2004 Trek 1500 road bike 2010 Giant Xtc 29er Electra Pink Fink (I've powedcoated satin black) Electra Deluxe 1950's Columbia Tandem (I'm motorizing)
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    Triple Tree Headlight

    Awesome! Thanks for the heads up guys, Ive ordered that rubber tractor light for a quick fix, and I am thinking the motorcycle brackets and headlight is the actual look i'm going for. Thanks a million for the ideas!! WillyB
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