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  1. Biker Butch AZ


    Impressive work!!!!
  2. Biker Butch AZ

    Mohwak Trike Build

    Real Nice Trike --- Keep up the Nice Work !!!!!!!
  3. Biker Butch AZ

    AZ junker, new to forum...sorta

    Well come to the site!
  4. Biker Butch AZ

    3-Speed B.S.A. Getting back to its roots, military bike

    Real nice build - Great build!
  5. Biker Butch AZ

    Secret Trike

    NICE - REAL NICE!!!!!
  6. Biker Butch AZ

    Kustom Ladies Ride

  7. Biker Butch AZ

    "1941" Colson (The Bullnose)

    I LIKE IT A LOT!!!!!!
  8. Biker Butch AZ

    Fat Fix (COLOR CHANGE)

    Re: Fat Fix Been Looking forward to see if you would be in the build-off. Love your builds and cannot wait to see what you come up with. GOOD LUCK!!! Biker Butch AZ 8)
  9. Biker Butch AZ


    Re: THΣ ΠATI∇Σ AMΣRICAΠ Great Bike And story - Good Luck! 8)
  10. Biker Butch AZ

    Old # 3 With paint!

    Re: Old # 3 Always enjoy watching your builds - You are a talented Builder! Biker Butch AZ 8)
  11. Biker Butch AZ

    Phantom of the OCC - now the Schwinn Black Phantasm

    Re: Phantom of the OCC - take a seat! Great Job on the Seat - You are talented! Biker Butch AZ 8)
  12. Biker Butch AZ

    Phantom of the OCC - now the Schwinn Black Phantasm

    Re: Phantom of the OCC - Ignaz was NOT impressed Really cool - can't wait to see more. Biker BUtch AZ. 8)
  13. Biker Butch AZ

    How old are you!!

    70 years old and just got back into Bicycles after realizing I was getting to old to ride motercycles in Arizona traffic! Besides that I need the exercise - 240 lbs. and still going. 8)
  14. Biker Butch AZ

    Drag Bike

    Very Cool! You are a talented builder! Biker Butch AZ. 8)
  15. Biker Butch AZ

    Schwindian (now with video!)

    Best trike I have ever seen on here or anywhere! Really Nice - Do you want to sell it? Just asking!!!! 8) Biker Butch, AZ.
  16. Biker Butch AZ


    Just gets harder every year - Great Job by all builders - Now sit back and RELAX!!! 8)
  17. Biker Butch AZ

    Markm's Frame

    Your work always blows me away Uncle Stretch! I just wish I had quarter of the talent you have. Totally amazing build as usual!!!! Biker Butch AZ. 8)
  18. Biker Butch AZ

    CAFE RACER (little peek)

    I like it so far! Cool idea - can not wait to see more of this build! Biker Butch AZ 8)
  19. Biker Butch AZ

    ---The Devils Golden Fiddle---

    Great Job - Beautiful Bike - I want that Bike! Biker Butch Az. 8)
  20. Biker Butch AZ

    "43" The Richard Petty Plymouth tribute

    Great Job - Beautiful Bike! 8)