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  1. barnbikes

    New project maybe

    Have not scene it in person yet but I think it might have possibilities. Hope it is not a 24". Not sure what is up with the rear fender.
  2. barnbikes

    I want a time machine

    Found these online. Anybody have a time machine?
  3. barnbikes

    4" x 26" tires

    Was given a pair of used 4"x26" tires. Have no idea what to do with them. If I mount them on standard 2.5"x26" rim I am guessing they will have no side wall strength. I could weld 2 - 2" steel rims together but the I would have to figure out the axle. I could cut a rim in half and weld a 2"...
  4. barnbikes

    Studebaker Pedal Car

    Love it!!! :thumbsup::rockout::41: I would find a junk mountain bike and use the drive from it. You might need all 18 speeds. Also 4 wheel disk brakes - either that or some old work boots with thick soles for stopping.
  5. barnbikes

    Bar Ends

  6. barnbikes


    Build this one and you can use it year around.
  7. barnbikes


    Briggs motorwheel - big money.
  8. barnbikes

    WalMart sissy bar

    Looks like a Monark springer fork...
  9. barnbikes

    What have you been riding lately?

    Took it for a ride because someone wanted to buy it but in classic craigslist fashion they never showed up.
  10. barnbikes

    Can't sleep

    Tires are too wide for the truck box. Rear tires on top of the cab and front end on the tail gate? Pick up the front end and turn. Unless I figure out a coaster idea it will be direct drive. Individual rear disk brakes so a wheelie is easier.
  11. barnbikes

    Can't sleep

    Not if I gear it right.
  12. barnbikes

    Can't sleep

    Mind was wondering last night as I tried to fall asleep. This with bigger tires. 28” between the tires for my wide butt. 66” wide outside to outside. 10’ long Frame. Will probably use 12 kid bike tires and rim on front. If I go with the 50's vibe and put the seat behind the rear wheels it...
  13. barnbikes

    It's a start Fleet wing / huffy wheel

    Friend had it for sale at the end of the driveway. Story goes the wife's dad came home from the junk yard when she was a kid with the steering wheel and put it on her bike. She is 50 something so late 70s early 80s. Wheel has a big crack in the hub. Will sit on the shelf till I can find a...
  14. barnbikes

    Craigslist nightmares and dreams...

    Vintage 1930's bicycle.
  15. barnbikes

    Craigslist nightmares and dreams...

    If this is fair condition - what is needs work?
  16. barnbikes

    Found my handle bars

    Wonder if they are still in stock?
  17. barnbikes

    Anyone know what this bike is or was?

    Bent forks and 200 miles round trip. I would pass.
  18. barnbikes

    2 good buys this morning

    Raleigh backwards
  19. barnbikes

    Unicycle build off?

    Come on people everything now days is fat tired.