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  1. J

    1969 Malvern Star Skidstar GT

    Great looking bike...Beautiful lugged cantilever frame......All the best!!!
  2. J

    Show Off Your Finished Huffy Cranbrook

    Very nice and clean...Amazing what you can do with a Cranbrook!!!!
  3. J

    Brown Hairpin Saddles

    Thanks for the far seems to be holding up ..only been about 8 weeks..see how it works..if not time for an my first leather saddle...
  4. J

    Brown Hairpin Saddles

    Bikeberry has a very nice hairpin saddle for 40 bucks includes shipping..i have had mine for a couple months..really nice saddle for the price..breaking in real nice..for the money it is great...l
  5. J

    Some of my bikes

    Really great job on all the bikes...Really nice..."You have the Touch"...
  6. J

    Show your Ind_Chuckz Workman/Heavy duty build!

    Nice Bike..Where did you get your saddle?
  7. J


    A prayer for a full recovery
  8. J


    Nice 3 speed...Dawes makes a good bike...good luck!!!
  9. J

    Triple Play Cruisers - Worksman, Emory, & Earth Cruiser

    Looking Good....Best of Luck!!!!
  10. J

    Huffy Nel Lusso Build

    Wally World Cruisers or other Big Box Store Cruisers are good for the bucks and fun ..easy to work on...Your Huffy is looking good!!!
  11. J


    Nice looking bike!!!
  12. J

    Huffy Nel Lusso Build

    Looking Good....Best of luck...Enjoy!!!
  13. J

    Hi there

    Welcome...nice work on the Mongoose Bmx!!!!
  14. J


    Very nice looking bike!!!!
  15. J

    "A Simple Plan" aka: The Poor Man's Budnitz

    One of the best looking bikes I have seen.....clean..simply and beautiful....Well Done!!!
  16. J

    Hello From Portland, OR

    Welcome...this is a great group of people who love cruisers...full of great info and pictures....enjoy!!!
  17. J

    Show Off Your Finished Huffy Cranbrook

    I get what you pay for...some the welds are to check before you buy...still not bad for the to repack everything..never broke a stem of luck...
  18. J

    Show Off Your Finished Huffy Cranbrook

    Hard to beat a Huffy cranbrook for the money...nice looking ride!!!
  19. J

    Show Off Your Finished Huffy Cranbrook

    Nice...clean look....
  20. J

    64 Sears Fleetwood

    Really nice bike....good find!!!