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  1. Hay Burner

    Daughter's bike stolen... happy ending?

    You did the right thing. I hope I could show that much restraint if I was put in the same situation.
  2. Hay Burner

    1996 Dyno Coaster Build So Far

    Very cool I love that color!
  3. Hay Burner

    Saw this on my way home, had to share!

    Is that a $1500 price tag?
  4. Hay Burner

    ☆ 1936 Off-Roadmaster ☆ Klunker - DONE!

    Re: ☆ 1936 Off-Roadmaster ☆ Klunker - DIGITAL CAMOUFLAGE pg 9 Very cool worth the effort! :)
  5. Hay Burner

    I shall call him wilfrid the klunker(action video)

    Re: I shall call him wilfrid the klunker I don't know which will be more fun to watch; the build or the side show! Great name too! :D
  6. Hay Burner

    Spare parts

    I figured I would join in. I have had this Kustom Kruiser Glide Deluxe frame along with most of the parts just kind of laying around. The pictures are very kind to the finish on this frame so I really don't feel bad stripping all the paint off. I subscribe to the K.I.S.S. school of...
  7. Hay Burner

    Bicycle Helmets ????

    I don't care who you are that's funny. Like others I wear mine on my road and mountain bikes but not on the cruisers.
  8. Hay Burner


    I had major back surgery in September of last year, and recently had surgery on my left arm due to a complication of the back surgery. Well I was finally released by my doctor to ride my bike. So after 7 long months I rode my Felt around the block today! Unfortunately my wife is in the...
  9. Hay Burner

    Has anyone used motorcycle forks ?

    Like I respond to my kids. Why not? I may be completely off here but how about one of the 20mm axle mountain bike hubs? Just spit-balling here.
  10. Hay Burner

    Grandkids Bike Ride - Easter Sunday - 2013

    Great video Jerry!
  11. Hay Burner

    How long can you get away with having a bike in the house?

    A couple hours max. She has even gone as far asking if I moved the bike out to the shed or garage before I climb in bed. 90% of the time I have to go move the bike, and I just thought she was asleep. Oh well she puts up with a lot from me so I can move a bike or parts.
  12. Hay Burner

    Why did the bicycle fall asleep?

  13. Hay Burner

    Thats how I roll.(in Tx. that is) new pix

    Re: Thats how I roll I used to work at a body shop right around the corner from them on Emerald, and I have felt the same way. I didn't want to be "that guy". I have driven by there a couple times and they had a sign on the fence that said they were filming / do not enter.
  14. Hay Burner

    Electrolysis Season NOT PICKED UP

    Re: Electrolysis Time to Reflect Sounds like a great ideal some of the coolest things have come out of a meeting of the minds and a case of beer. I will wuss out until maybe May or June, it's a little too cold for this redneck's blood where you are right now. :D There's about an inch of...
  15. Hay Burner

    Look what I got for Christmas...

    Cool video, and really like your neighborhood. As for your other videos; You might be a redneck if you take your tractor through the Wendy's drive through! :lol: I have to admit when I am at my land( I don't grow anything and it's too small to call a ranch) in Central Texas I have done the...
  16. Hay Burner

    Electrolysis Season NOT PICKED UP

    Re: Electrolysis Time to Reflect This is the first thing I thought when I read the title. :lol: You have some great info here, it never ceases to amaze me the ingenuity that this board shows. You know you are only a couple vats and chemicals away from electroplating, but I think I would...
  17. Hay Burner

    grape krate restore

    That looks really nice, but there is no way he is getting that kind of result using that Valspar garbage.
  18. Hay Burner

    grape krate restore

    Yeah over on the MBA thread. Appearently he builds 1/4 scale NASCAR chassis too. :lol:
  19. Hay Burner

    grape krate restore

    This is just too good: " i do amazing things with rattle cans. if you use them right you can make paint jobs look like spray gun work. " Krazikev. I think I have a new signature. :lol:
  20. Hay Burner

    Cucumber Krate restore

    Slow Monday huh? :lol: