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    ★★★ Go Away ★★★ 1957 AMF Roadmaster Flying Falcon

    Bam! Love everything about this bike! Just curious, does the toggle switch in the tank have a function?
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    1935 Monark 5 BAR "Deluxe 6 Rat Racer"

    Just awesome! I like the colors a lot and the ideas are cool. I watched this build throughout and couldn't wait to see the final results. Great work!
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    Hi from Nor California

    There's a little larger photo. I've found several pics on the internet that resemble the bike but not a total match. The tank and the fenders, especially the curved brackets on the fenders looks like a '41 Roadmaster but the frame doesn't match that bike nor does the headlight. The Roadmaster...
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    Hi from Nor California

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    Hi from Nor California

    I'm from Gilroy, the garlic capital of the world, a.k.a. "Giltucky", home of the Gil-billies. Names Bob but friends call me "Soda", has to do with my last name. I've been tripping around this site for about 6 months now. Currently own a handful of Electra and Trek cruiser bikes but finally was...