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    39 Mercury

    ...bought this old bike last year, headbadge is cool,..pretty rusted up, no plans for it rite now...
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    Huffy Score

    Wow,..I like that one too. I always check out the Walmart bikes, they do get some cool stuff in once in awhile. You got a good deal on that one.
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    Rusty/Patina Bicycle Gallery favorite ride for the last 3 years or so, pic taken on my local bike/hiking trail.
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    Really ride your bikes?'s a shot from yesterday; it started snowin like crazy rite after this shot.
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    New Photobucket Help

    this is kinda weird.....heard about another hosting site, thot I'd try it. It's called uploaded a few pics without even signing up, when I saw the "join" button I clicked on it and was transfered to the old photobucket site. ???...where I was already logged in. I saved...
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    Huffman Gallery's one of my Huffys...
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    Before & After Pics

    ..that photo is on the riding/hiking trail that used to be the Illinois Central railbed, it runs for about 6 miles and is my favorite place to ride, no worry about cars!
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    Before & After Pics

    ..this is a great thread; here's an old Huffy frame I started with , paid $5.00 for it;... ...then after using parts from about 10-12 other bikes; I came up with this; my favorite bike to ride...
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    tired of snow's a pic that mite cheer ya up...from early last Spring; ....we're gettin dumped on today, 6-10 inches of heavy wet stuff!...sposed to be in mid-40's by end of the week and all of next, sure hope so, I can't wait for nicer weather.
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    Really ride your bikes?

    ...I rode this ol Huffy over 2000 miles last year, almost every day of the's got a wheels off a 5-speed mountain bike, just perfect for the ridin I do...(PS...can't wait for this weather to come back!)
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    How many bikes do you own?

    ...don't have all these anymore but took this pic last spring...all these were ready to hop on and ride, have lots more projects. ...Harold's bike shop had me beat tho, sadly he passed away and all this was scrapped a few years back...
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    New Photobucket Help

    Yeah, they tried switching me awhile back but I opted to keep the old set-up, so far so good; but there's a notice that says I'll have to switch over to the new set-up. It don't look good; a lot of guys will leave Photobucket over this,...we should all complain to em about this and have em...
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    I'm about to come out of hibernation!

    ...I too am waitin for the warmer weather to come back; haven't been workin on any bikes this Winter but still ridin whenever the weather is fit. Missed a few days due to rain, ice , snow & too .... cold, but still feels great to get out for a ride. Here's a pic from the other day on the bike...
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    bikes, bikes and more bikes 1st load

    Whoa, got some very cool stuff in that deal !
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    Tall Bikes,lets see'em!!'s one I built a few years ago,
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    cold weather

    Re: cold weathter ...sposed to be back up in upper 20-low 30's by Thursday/Friday...hang in there.
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    Toys put away for the deep freeze

    ...don't put mine away...
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    Re: It's COLD!!!!!! ...I ride virtually everyday of the year unless it's real cold or bad's a shot from yesterday on the bike trail...
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    Henry Spickler rides around the world!

    ...he did it entirely on his own altho the local newspaper gave him a new bike as long as they got his story on the trip. If you do some more investigating, you'll see he wrote a book later on the trip entitled "around the world without a cent" as he left home without a cent. His expences were...
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    Henry Spickler rides around the world!'s a link to a guy from my hometown who rode a bike around the world in 1901....check it out... ... world.html