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    New Departure Model D Rebuild

    Hey guys! Thanks follow up. I have been riding the bike for a couple of months now, however when you first start out, the crank does rotate maybe 1/2 turn before it engages. I have not had time to take it apart again. More of a nuisance than anything else. Although I do know something is not...
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    I am going to post my first build in another thread soon. I was looking for some rims for my 61 Schwinn American when I cam upon this Hawthorne. Turns out someone had put some Schwinn S2 rims w/ New Departure hubs. Here it is before I snatched the rims and fenders. Now I am going to have to find...
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    New Departure Model D Rebuild

    I don't have pictures of all prior to assem, here are the discs. I did assem just like the vid posted. Everything went together fine. What could cause it to not engage immediately upon forward peddle? I am new to this and this is really my first rebuild since I was a kid 45 years ago!! :D :D
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    New Departure Model D Rebuild

    Hey folks! Great site. I have been lurking and learning for a while. I will post pix of my '61 Schwinn American I have been cobbling together in the proper area when appropriate. I followed the instructions and did a rebuild of my ND modD hub. All went well, I think. I noticed 3 teeth were...