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    Exercise bike build

    Great idea for a challenge! i have the same bike and have been looking at it for years, i was thinking tall bike. Can't wait to see what u come up with.
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    Here is a pic at the mountain bike hall of fame and the Bmxcelsior at the summit of pearl pass.
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    Here is some pics of the wheel build. I thought it was interesting that even the bearings during ww2 where black and not chrome because of chrome limitations.
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    Here is quick pic of the bike just below tree line on pearl pass this year. better pics and a full build description with pics asap.
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    Gravity racer - Calling all daredevils!

    Has anyone heard of the crested butte chainless race. I have done it the last two years and I've seen gravity bikes compete. The race is so much fun. The only rule is no pedaling. U can have a chain if u have a coaster brake but it has to be tied to the sprocket so u can't pedal. I did it on my...
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    i then moved on to the chain. i had to use a skiptooth. I wanted to do pearl pass old school and so that was an easy choice. i used a sweetheart sprocket and the original dogbone cranks. after thinking about going over the pass with a 52 tooth i realized that wasnt going to happen. not enough...
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    wow jay the bike looks great. i apologize for not posting my build in a timely manner. The klunker i built came out great and i can wait to post pics. Jay im loving ur bfgoodrich bike. well my build started like this. i started with the same frame as you in very rough shape and then went online...
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    Cobra on trike loves bikes.

    I love choppin stuff up. Love vintage bikes, especially prewars, and wrenching on em. Built a few custom bikes and trikes and cant wait to toss some sparks with you guys. go cobras!! go denver cruisers!! c4l
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    That goodrich frame is a real beauty! I'm building a real bomber classic klunker and would love to join the challenge. Better late than never. I've got a real dx frame found a morrow hub and am ready to get ratty!!! Lets build some klunkers! oh yeah and my Klunker will be ridden on the real...