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    █★█ starsNbars █★█ 38 Hawthorne Twin Bar 5 Bar ☠ - Red White and RUST - Tied for 7th Place

    You might check at your local truck stop. Guys that own and drive their own big rigs like to trick them out in all sorts of ways. Seems to me that I have seen some at my local truckstop (but then again that is I-80 truck stop in Walcott - THE WORLDS LARGEST TRUCKSTOP- so they a good variety)
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    Western flyer

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    Firewing 1953 Columbia 3 Star DeLuxe (2nd) - 3/15 TRADED

    Re: FireWing 53 Columbia 3 Star-5/20 RRBer FireWing Parts king you did exactly what I thought for the sprung nanner. looking good but no slacking allowed now get ta buildin
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    Klunker Contestants Check In.

    I feel foolish about asking this but only have a vague idea.... somebody please define klunker? and mods please don't flame me for asking definition I am not looking for debate over what is and is not a RATROD I already know the true meaning there. :lol:
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    Glad to see you in the competition. Looks to be a great starting point. I hadn't seen Rosemary before but now I know where the bike on my Peddlin Kustoms shirt came from. I know I will be watching this one.
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    Mooneyes Shop Bike (finished)

    Re: Mooneyes Shop Bike I Like the short tank on 5 but I would place the eyes in the yellow circle of the chain guard.
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    The Conundrum

    Re: The Conundrum UPDATE? So it's going to be a chopper?
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    Firewing 1953 Columbia 3 Star DeLuxe (2nd) - 3/15 TRADED

    Re: FireWing 53 Columbia 3 Star - 5/8 Tire + Skirt Mockups Ok I thought I would throw my .02 in. Red tires on vintage rims have a great contrast to them and it doesn't add another color to the palate. The springer seat works well with the age and the color scheme. But the nanner definitely...
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    Battered & Beaten updated 8-4 DONE

    Re: Battered & Beaten updated 5-4 No matter how this turns out, that frame wins top prize for most interesting story of acquisition Definitely watching this one Good luck
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    Red bomber

    Is that all that you are going to tell us? What is your direction for this bike build? We want to KNOW details man
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    Rare Bird- '37 BSA Tandem- Done!

    Re: Rare Bird- '37 BSA Tandem sorry to hear of your loss good luck with the build
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    Shelby-made Hiawatha.

    First time I saw it posted he wanted twice that much. Good find if I had known they were blackouts I would have been all over that.
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    Shelby-made Hiawatha.

    I was eyeballing that flyer for a while on c-list. The paint scheme matches my Hiawatha. I thought the guy wanted too much for it in the condition it was in plus had too many other projects. Good score.
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    coastking mystery

    Coastking was the house brand for coast to coast hardware stores. here is my girls coastking I believe it is a Chain Bike Co/Ross built bike.
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    Wheel lacing question

    Ahhhh, you knew what I meant. :lol: Glad to be able to help. I have had the same issue before so don't kick yourself too hard over it.
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    Wheel lacing question

    it may have been a different lace pattern. if you did a skip 2 and it is too slack try a skip 3, if you did 3 then redo as a skip 4.
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    Cruizados BC, International

    WHO YOU CALLIN' CORN BOYS? Ehh Jersey Shore? Just kiddin, our corn feeds mouths all over the states so no offense taken
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    Looking forward to RRBBO#8

    Or how about the only paint allowed is to create patina? :o
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    Looking forward to RRBBO#8

    uhhh yeah what he said!!!!
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    (poll) frame rule in the build off go back to no cutting

    I voted yes because I like the challenge of staying within a set of rules and still trying to come up with something cool that others have not. That being said I also like the thought of anything goes so we don't have people whining about "so and so did this or that", or "is this legal?" or "can...