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    Aluminati *New Pics* ((a second look before voting!)))

    Great build!! If someone asked what bike I'd like to have and ride from this year's contest, this is the winner.
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    I've been away for months from the forum, after my entries in 2009, 2010 and another bike I built for my wife. Sadly, I sold 2 out of the 3, I only kept "Desert Stormer", since it is more functional so to speak. All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you guys amaze me with your...
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    Too big???

    Looks perfect to me... makes the bike look like those old Nortons and Triumphs.
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    Ammo Boxes

    Here's mine, I used .50 cal boxes.
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    chip foose bike????

    Gee Chip, that's the best you could do designing bikes? you better stick to cars only...
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    Commuter bikes at wal-mart?

    Depending on how long is your commute, I don't think the Walmart stuff will last very long. You can score a higher quality used bike on Craigslist or a swapmeet and update/mod it.
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    Absolute Speed World Record Bicycle

    Guess doing it on a billiard smooth surface behind a streamlined fairing and riding on wide motorcycle tires with suspension would give you an added sense of security. Also if the rims and tires are heavy; the faster they spin the more giroscopic effect they produce and the bike is more stable...
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    Absolute Speed World Record Bicycle

    I see that bike and I don't see $12k. Any of the excellent fabricators we have in this forum could make that bike for WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYY less money. Or does that include the helmet, leathers, food & beverages for the rider, the fairing and renting the dragster for the run?
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    What did you do to your bike today?

    Right now I'm working on buiding my wife a bike ('81 Murray cruiser); I've done a lot but this is just the past week: Sat and Sun: Went window shopping to a couple LBS for seats and tires to see what they had in stock. Prepped the frame, got it down to bare metal On Monday I sprayed the frame...
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    Suggestions on cheap cruisers

    I'm on the same boat, I have to build something for my wife... I have been thinking about an old bike (or start with just an old frame) and putting newer components from a donor + springer front end and other details, but I guess its more expensive than starting up with one of these cheap bikes...
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    Led-Sled Sidecar Project

    Hmmmmm come to think of it... wouldn't a tank on the bike with the same colors and pinstriping balance a bit the volumes/looks of the combo? Too bad you can't swap a nexus 7 speed on that rear wheel to help your legs!
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    VOTE HERE!!!!!! - BUILD OFF #5

    Definitely, your reality TV show is on its way, and the new supervillain merchandise and bighit bobblehead will be in stores by Christmas!
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    Check: they have tons of stuff and I boughtfrom them a lot for a car project, including carbon fiber, books, videos, etc. I would have never thought about toilet paper with fiberglass resin! LOL for parts that are under compression stresses only the fiberglass is...
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    Ohhhh I get it, everybody is boicotting AZ bikes! LOL :lol:
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    Led-Sled Sidecar Project

    That is really some piece of work! great looks, compliments beautifully the bike!! A+++ I once built a custom sports car and I used urethane core panels to make the moldless one-off body (a fiberglass/urethane/fiberglass sandwich). Some guys in the same shop made a heavy fiberglass hood for a...
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    Prewar Savage - Tank & rack

    Re: Stacy's Savage - DONE and she loves it!! Looks awesome!! My next build is going to be a bike for my wife, if I don't do it she won't let me have my 5th. bike... Still wondering what to do but I guess I'll use a man's frame for her bike (she won't even know the difference) so I can use...
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    cool water bottles at Target

    Who's driving? we're talking about ridin'... those bottles are nice!
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    Why not here?

    When I lived in FL it was impossible to find anything, I think everything there only lasts like 20 years and rusts away from so much humidity. Even finding cool project cars was impossible, you would never see 60's cars on the freeways... here in AZ there is a lot of cool unmolested raw material.
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    VOTE HERE!!!!!! - BUILD OFF #5

    Please someone stop that supervillain it is too far ahead!! we need a superhero to send it back hiding into a dark alley! :lol: It's nice to see the voting shaping up! good job everyone!
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    The Desert Stormer

    I hope I don't get KIA for riding it!! :lol: