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  1. kingpin

    a Kiwi entry from the dicebandits - as yet to be named

    hey guys man i just realised i havnt been in a build off since number 2! I have been in a bike buying frenzy of late....i dont know what im gonna build yet but im definatly in. heres some of the raw product ive been collecting:
  2. kingpin

    oxide red limo

  3. kingpin

    dicebandits - the beast - custom 3G chopper

    we have been building bikes like crazy around here! this is a 3g chopper we have made less least i think so...any coments? more info and more bikes here: more info here:
  4. kingpin

    26 rat BMX project

    one of two bike ive been working on this weekend. ive wanted a commuter bike or sorts for a while...i want a single speed but in my city thats just not praticle. so i bought this little MTB that was in decent shape for 60 bux and i have been making it into my version of a huge bmx. for more pix...
  5. kingpin

    rat lowrider...inspired by rustbucket

    I have built two bike this weekend! some times rainy weekends are good.... all built with stuff i had laying around....need to find a cheap banana seat for it....may change the pedals and crank too the frame is a quite rare NZ built Healing freestyle BMX for more pix and info check out my bike...
  6. kingpin

    my road bike project

    i like bikes alot...all bikes. i love the look of fixies but where i live is super hilly making them impractical for i have started building myself a road bike, taking the fixie styling but adding a few gears. A few months ago I picked this steal framed MTB of our local auction site for...
  7. kingpin

    nz made os mtb for $1

    got this healing mtb off our local auction site for a buck! picked it up last night. i thought i might make a nice road bike out of it...i stripped it tonight...its way rougher than i had expected...nice size frame tho. i might buy some paint stripper and give it a paint job before i commit any...
  8. kingpin

    the dream is over aka: i killed my limo

    so some of you will know that i recently bought a limo/stretched cruiser and have been loving it... well this weekend i broke it! and i just got the new bars and headset and grips on as well! check the pic and see if you can spot what ive done... :cry:
  9. kingpin

    boy/girl bike in New Zealand! and some nice nos parts

    i have never ever seen a one of these in NZ a mate at work said he had some bikes lying around at his flat getting rusty...i offered to take them away... anyone know anything about this bike? this is the head badge
  10. kingpin

    Limo bike pix here please

    do u guys call these limos? well i just got this one the other day after years of wanting one. i never bought one cause i thought the would suck to ride...but they dont! yay post em up even if they r not yours...i just really wanna see how people have customised them... i want new bars on it...
  11. kingpin

    My bikes...

    I just realised that i dont have my bikes online anywhere any more! that and i just bought the bike i have been wanting for i thought id start a thread for my cycles... this is my 3g chopper....normally dont like yellow but this works for some reason....super nice bike to ride...much...
  12. kingpin

    anyone got or riden one of these nirves?

    thinking about trying to get one. brett
  13. kingpin

    sorry everyone!!!

    ive just realised that im pissing people off with my constant asking for riding pix...sorry guys... im really not challenging anyone or even any bikes...i just really like seeing riding pix, and i guess that i may come off in the wrong way when i ask people if they have any.... im just a big...
  14. kingpin

    build off 2 stuff

    wow! everyones bikes are super cool!!! some more rat than others....and i never finished:(. But hey, its summer here and im out riding all the time! two things i have to bring up about the build off are: 1/ i really would love riding pix to be mandatory in a comp like this...surely part of a...
  15. kingpin

    i have a 3g chopper and im heavy.

    i have a 3g chopper and im heavy. i have bent the seat post bad even tho it was only sticking out about 4 inches! anyone got any cheap fix ideas...? i was thinking about getting some solid round bar but dont want to pay for the fix if i can...was hopeing someone would know if oldschool bmx...
  16. kingpin

    long weekend ride!

    we had a national long weekend this weekend just gone...sat sun and monday!!! got some buddys togeather on sunday and just spent the day in the sun drinkin and talkin sh#*... then got all motivated for a ride on monday.... my mate came over at about 11am with his new mini truck and i fixed up...
  17. kingpin

    do u like to see riding pix?

    i really like to see riding pix...infact when i had my site i wouldnt publish pix of a boke unless there was at least one riding (sitting at the very least) pic. id really like to encourage everyone to post riding or sitting pix with their bikes....if u agree please help spread the word!!! :)...
  18. kingpin

    dyno bmx

    can u say bargin? only 35nzd!!!!!
  19. kingpin

    the DiceBandits are in the building....

    hey all i have made a few posts already but i thought id do an intro on me and my crew...the DiceBandits and our kustom shop Kingpin Kustoms well im Brett (kingpin). Im the one who kinda got into all of this first...i have always been into cool cars and stuff. i was around when this whole...
  20. kingpin

    help me find an image...please....

    hey all. the other day i found this cool black and white photo of a old looking lady and it looked like it was taken in the 1800s but she was sitting on a lowrider bike....has anyone else seen this pic? i need to save it bad!!! lol thanks for your help Brett