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    krazy chopp

    hi there just a pic of my new chop not finished yet Uploaded with 3.50m long :mrgreen:
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    Le vélovale

    I think my dear friends i have something for you. This is my design study for entering in a french design school. And it particullary sounds like a space bike ! here are some sketches: the building of the bike, let start by making some fun wheels: then comes the frame: here...
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    Guitar bike

    Hi there, here is my last project, a guitar bike. Hope you'll enjoy it, i did'nt finished it, i'm still working on it: Wanna know what you think about it over the atlantic! :wink:
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    Bonjour de france

    Hello you guyz ! A little hello from a french guy crazy about all strange stuffs dealing with bikes like you all over here! My name is antoine and i live in paris, i'm still 19 years old but i have my own work-place where i can do my rides and i know how to solder. I'm a member of the...