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  1. Uncle Fide

    1st go at steampunk

    Well, after an aborted entry into BBO9 with indecision, I have a collection of nice bits such as bars, stem, 1960s Brooks saddle etc. I've sold off the frame, forks and wheels from Indecision. So what is a man to do, I know, I'll Steampunk the French m*untain bike! So here's the starting point...
  2. Uncle Fide

    New acquisition!

    Snapped this one up today on the popular international auction site. Peugeot Hi Power semi mountain bike. Was taken by the curved top tube and looped seat/chain stays. Got plans for it in the winter build off :-) cost me just ten English pounds....happy happy happy Sent from my iPhone using...
  3. Uncle Fide

    Show me your military rat rod .........

    So I have to park up my Bonine bike Indecision so I can concentrate on my daughter's 8th Air Force bike. I'm taking one unknown make eBay cruiser, mixing in a little WWII personnel bicycle and a bit of 95th bomb group. Shake it all up and see what comes out the other end. Let's hope my little...
  4. Uncle Fide

    Look what's just appeared on EBay UK!

    Claud Butler Torridon bike frame n forks. Looks very tidy too and only 99 pence start :-) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Uncle Fide

    eBay buy for my daughter

    Okay all, anyone got any ideas on the identity of this. Bought of eBay UK for very little money and in bits but complete. Was listed as Schwinn but I doubt it. All original and not messed with. Not very old either. ?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Uncle Fide

    The Indecision

    Well, I'm new to the forum, I'm now gonna start two new builds, may as well join in on the build off! Starting point is a Giant Simple Seven of unknown age. Bought for peanuts on EBay. The plan is strip it of all unnecessary garbage. Frame will be basically stick, with all brackets, cable eyes...
  7. Uncle Fide

    Old man starting!

    Morning all from sunny Suffolk, new to the page but not to bikes. Got 2 on the go at the mo. Unknown single top tube cruiser for my daughter, she's WWII USAAF mad so going 390th Bomb Group, olive drab, star.... you get the picture. I'll post a piccy when it's done. The other is a just acquired...