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  1. corysmeltzer

    Hawthorne with Speed Holes

    Here is the build thread: viewtopic.php?f=21&t=53686 Here is my photo submission... from the shores of Lake Michigan: I have a large high-res version too.
  2. corysmeltzer

    Another lucky find... 1985 Mongoose

    Today I just found the "brother" bike to the one I picked up not too long ago... Found it at the same resale shop and also was priced unbelievably low 8) so I picked it up. I usually don't come across old bmx stuff so it is nice for a change. Here is the 1984 Blue Max that I picked up a couple...
  3. corysmeltzer

    1984 Blue Max GOOD FIND?

    Just picked this up at a local resale shop... Hadn't really heard of the Blue Max name before but saw it had good components/parts and I like looptails so I figured it was quite the steal for the price I paid :lol: It is going to clean up really well, just surface rust in a couple spots. Now I...
  4. corysmeltzer

    Colombia build for my daughter DONE!

    Last summer I built up a bike for my oldest daughter... she was really happy with it mainly because I had her pick out the color so it was more personalized for her. Here is a link to that build: viewtopic.php?f=21&t=53328 ...So now it is time for my youngest daughter to get one done up. We...
  5. corysmeltzer

    JC Higgins and an AMF Skyrider

    picked up these two to add to my pile of bikes :lol: I usually don't pick up women's bikes unless they have cool parts to snag but this JC Higgins has some of the coolest/best paint patina i have seen... It has been five or more colors over the years and they are all showing... so cool! 8)...
  6. corysmeltzer

    Cool bike not sure what it is?!?!

    A guy I know has this bike he just acquired and not sure what it is or how old it is :? I am sure that someone on here would probably know just from the distinctive tank with the louvers and the beehive type springer. obviously skip tooth with new departure hubs. A really cool bike, rusty but...
  7. corysmeltzer

    Rat-For-Now-CWC Hawthorne *DONE bobbed-drilled w/green tires

    I've had this late 40's Hawthorne hanging around for too long and it is time to do something with it! I have had it for over a year- buying it at an estate sale for $3 out of their chicken coop... they didn't even know it was in there :lol: The last few bikes I've done have either been...
  8. corysmeltzer

    New life for a Stingray/Scrambler

    This is a bike I finished up for my oldest daughter last summer but didn't get around to posting the build till now. It started it's life as a Scrambler. I got it out of a neighbor's yard when I was a kid and it was hand painted to look like a tiger... wish i had pictures :lol: it was really...
  9. corysmeltzer

    1952 Schwinn Excelsior Frame

    Got this last night from a local bike guy... he parted out the bike and this is what was left so i grabbed it up cheap! pretty great patina going on! :D not sure of the plans yet but had to have it.
  10. corysmeltzer

    Early 50's Evans/Colson

    My early 50's Evans/Colson on the Frankfort Michigan beach. The build with more glamour shots: viewtopic.php?f=21&t=37719 maybe I should pick a different one? :lol:
  11. corysmeltzer

    a typhoon, womans spaceliner, and a ccm

    a few good finds that i have found recently... the ccm and the typhoon were given to me for free, they guy wouldn't take any money :D and the womans spaceliner i just found at goodwill and will probably use for parts. i love new finds... because i know i need more bikes :lol:
  12. corysmeltzer

    evans/colson *finished pictures 3/18

    picked this frame up around christmas time and gifted to myself :lol: just getting around putting some parts toward it. i just received some all white tires that are like a goodyear reproduction tread that i think will look nice with the white on the bike and bring it out a bit. not really sure...
  13. corysmeltzer

    schwinn rims/tires sizes

    alrighty this is probably a question asked a thousand times but... i just got a set of 26" schwinn s7 rims that i need to get tires for... well question is that i have heard you can't just use regular 26" tires for these right? you have to get schwinn sized tires, or am i wrong??? :roll: i...
  14. corysmeltzer

    sears flightliner

    picked up this sears last night from a guy i know trying to thin down his collection and make some extra money- i just couldn't say no :D super sparkle seat, probably not the original but i think it's sweet.
  15. corysmeltzer

    christmas evans/colson

    picked up an early christmas present for myself :D not really sure about the year but it's an evans/colson sans rims. i know it's not the original chain guard, probably just go without... wondered if anyone else has one like this or has a picture of one... catalog picture maybe...
  16. corysmeltzer

    junkyard ross *finished*

    i picked this up at a local junkyard during the summer and have been doing a bit in my spare time. i know a lot of guys like keeping the rust and crust but i wanted this one cleaned up 8) hahaha i have others to rat out. this post is going to start out with pictures from the last couple months...
  17. corysmeltzer

    '62 typhoon

    my '62 schwinn typhoon 24" straight bar
  18. corysmeltzer

    removing paint off of mag wheels??

    i just picked up a set of old bmx mag wheels and the previous owner painted them white and really bad job at that! :x i actually want them the yellow they were originally but didn't know if there is a trick to get the spray paint off easily or if i should just sand them down and repaint...
  19. corysmeltzer

    CL ad... Space Landers... drool

    here is an ad that i just found on craigslist... enough to make two bowden spacelanders :shock: one of my dream bikes... better start saving my pennies haha :lol:
  20. corysmeltzer

    '65 schwinn, model with tank?

    i just picked up this schwinn (code GA51749) making it a 1965 but what i was wondering is that it has clips under the top frame tube... is this for a tank? when first looked at it i assumed it was a typhoon but would it be a "fleet" model then? would it be a fleet like mentioned in this...