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    Studebaker Pedal Car

    Awesome Built! Congrats Deven !
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    RRBBO13 The Moonlight

    bardzo dobrze! Can't wait to see the rest of the build.
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    RRBBO13 Fiasco

    lovely frame to come :thumbsup:
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    krazy chopp

    Well i welded again the headtube and changed a little the rack of the fork so it's not really a rack zero but more something like the "good" position: I can even ride it with only one hand. The second one is holding my beer, of course. and one more pic wit Mr fisheye! :mrgreen:
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    krazy chopp

    here it's on wheels! it had a 50km ride in amsterdam and 6 days of daily ride. So YEAH it's rideable! i only lose sometimesthe sight of my frontwheel while cruisin.
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    krazy chopp

    hi there just a pic of my new chop not finished yet Uploaded with 3.50m long :mrgreen:
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    My scrapyard find...

    Ce vélo est laid!
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    My scrapyard find...

    Ce vélo est laid!
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    Fat Frank

    Gotta a friend in switzerland who's in love with the style ! :D <Nice ride!
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    Gender bender klunker FINISHED!

    Re: Gender bender klunker Very nice! Great iron job. Can you tell us the brand of your welding machine and wich one it is?
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    Donate an old Car license Plate for Son's School Project

    I have french one if you feel so to pay for mailing! :mrgreen:
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    Tour de Frank

    Oh man, world is uncredible.. in france we dream about old american bicycle with thousand of steel things on it.. and you in america you dream about our light frames! :shock: ....! If anyone want to exchange a spaceliner for a real tour de france's bike, tell me !!
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    poor mans truck (finished)

    Nice built ! 8) I guess it is cooler to go with this to buy your food at supermarket then with any car!
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    Open Season on Pheasents.

    Nice shot.
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    Nice job olli.
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    Re: POST PHOTOS HERE FOR THE GALLERY PAGE Greetings from paris.
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    Burrito build-off?

    Good idea, we made a burrito contest in france with custombrigade and it had a great success!
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    Badd Mojo

    Nice paint job!
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    FBI Choppernation Part VIII July 2009

    So, who's in the party? Is there some people coming from america like last year ?
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    Galtbacken, as usual i say the same thing: Your job is uncredible! What will you do until the 30ths july to the 2nd Aug? If you have some time, go to amsterdam for the Choppernation, it is THE place to go if you like all kind of custom bikes. People are coming from russia, america, france...