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  1. snydur

    Felt bicycle or Electra?

    ive ridden both and own both, but my felt isnt a cruiser its a racing bmx. that being said, the electra is one of the best bikes i have ever owned because of the construction and ridgidity, and because of the size (im six three) and felt is a great bike for its purpose of going fast down hills...
  2. snydur

    RRBBO8 Discussion Thread

    Re: Welcome to the GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH! waiting on wheels to show up then i guess i should start :roll: i guess i should keep it simple haha
  3. snydur

    Never say "When Bicycle Fly"

    dont worry guys and gals, it's legit now
  4. snydur

    hook, line,sinker

    you know how i feel! i called my mom and told her to get my wallet and asked if she could get it . im not even home :cry: but ill be able to really enjoy it tomorow
  5. snydur

    hook, line,sinker

    thats exactly what i told them :roll: mom just laughed "i knew it, and next week youre going to buy something for it" . . . PSSSSSHSHSHSHSHHHHH NOOOOOO. . . new 12 tooth freewheel is on its way :lol:
  6. snydur

    hook, line,sinker

    well ive been busy lately and havent gotten enough time too really build any bikes or even really ride. well today that changed, went for a long ride to downtown, to a strip mall, then to a bike shop. . . that was going out of business :roll: and there it was, beconing me from the used bike...
  7. snydur

    BMX guys I need your input.....

    ive learned one big think about bmx's especially older one, its all in the parts. you can have a run of the mill huffy or cheap walmart bike, but if someone put the right parts on it in the past, then its worth it. Look for Araya on the rims esp, people love that name. maybe clean the bmx's up...
  8. snydur


    oh come on, :(
  9. snydur

    the worlds smallest big pain in the rear

    well as you may or may not know i am blessed :roll: with having three sisters, one older than me (hey to Portland people) and two younger ones, and since the second youngest has only got eyes for shopping and having a bad attitude, i figured id rot the brain of my five year old sister with...
  10. snydur

    grip resto question

    when new grips for bmx bikes i have are to tight or are to still ill boil them and it softens up the plastic. might try that.
  11. snydur

    Just wanted to show these..

    man whats not to like?! that sprocket in beautiful!
  12. snydur

    Schwinn Stingray: ALL ORIGINAL!!

    got one of these the other day, and man theyre cool! trying to figure out how to get the rear bottom tube to sit level wil the ground so the top looks even more round. good score!
  13. snydur

    bit the bullet. . .kind of

    well this kind of settled it for me, cant really say where i got them from :roll: but they were free. one side has good suspension the other is. . .well its not there. not sure whether i will keep the suspension or cut them out and make it ridgid. not sure exacly what this is off of. but my...
  14. snydur

    1952 Firestone Cruiser by HP Snyder / DP Harris

    ooh nice! that is going to polish up beautifully
  15. snydur

    50-60's Era Huffy Headset Bearings replacement

    its probably 1 1/8, most old cruisers are. look for Chimichanga on here, he has brand new headsets for cheap
  16. snydur

    I finally found one!

    man, we are getting old arent we :mrgreen: im still searching for my dark blue huffy, ill find it one day, or a huffy rock-it, those arent so rare
  17. snydur

    an american made huffy. . .BMX?! whaaaaaa

    okay, so ive decided to rebuild the bike today so i wrote down allll the numbers and hopefully that will pinpoint the year -serial number on bottom bracket 33303-9287216HC -the shimano coaster CBE110 -Wald front A25292 -wald stem B132 also if it helpd there is a PERSONS seat and union pedals...
  18. snydur

    19(4,5,6)0's Huffy, First Build

    Re: Newb Build, Old (not so crappy) Huffy theres these nits and bolts that push the rear wheel and axle backward to tension the chain and make sure the wheel is sitting straight. yours is missing the bolts. they go in the drop outs where the holes are cut similar to that