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  1. Dboy9887

    CT Schwinn: Fender Comp

    Super awesome. Pretty sweet ride you got there. Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
  2. Dboy9887

    Columbia 5 Star(s)

    Awesome collection. Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
  3. Dboy9887

    Vintage tractor seat - Perfect size!

    Sweet. Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
  4. Dboy9887

    Oahu Hawaii bike clubs?

    Long time no see RRB. Hoping to get back on the grid with some new builds. Alot has happened over the past few years. Stationed out in Hawaii now, so I'm looking for some new riding buddies. If anyone knows of a member or of any bicycle clubs out here, all help would be appreciated. Look forward...
  5. Dboy9887

    Nexus 3spd hub, how to remove the cog???

    Ahh awesome. Yeah its a pain in A to get out but I'll get it eventually. The bid helped too thanks guys.
  6. Dboy9887

    Nexus 3spd hub, how to remove the cog???

    Sorry for the poor pic quality. My tablet ain't the best.
  7. Dboy9887

    Nexus 3spd hub, how to remove the cog???

    Hey guys, trying to take this guy off so I could build a wheel. Any tips? Thanks Dboy
  8. Dboy9887

    felt red fox

    ..... I believe
  9. Dboy9887

    felt red fox

    Red wolf is the "antique archaeology" American Pickers bike
  10. Dboy9887

    Ruff Chopper , I peaked at my christmass pressent : )

    Awesome. I like the fork too
  11. Dboy9887

    "I WISH YOU SOLD ________"

    I been off the wagon for a while. But I would like to see more reproduction s2 wheelsets, custom or repro springer forks. Mainly Columbia 5 stars. They're out there just hard to find a set. Maybe even a product of leaf spring style forks. something easy to assemble.
  12. Dboy9887

    looking to trade/sell- military and police gear

    Whats going my fellow RRBrs, I have a few items that I have extra here im looking to trade or sell. some of it is used and new. I have some police body armor and metal detectors, canteens, some unfiorms, "you could use for paint ball" and some other little nick nacks. looking felt wheel in...
  13. Dboy9887

    Rust2Rods Schwinn VW Tribute Bike

    Hey bud. What kind of wheels are those?
  14. Dboy9887

    The Traditional Build (THE FIREBALL EIGHT)" Moved to Finished BIkes Thread"

    What tires do you have on that wheel set? Looks sharp :-D Sent from my QMV7A using Tapatalk
  15. Dboy9887

    Etta ( completed front fork with assembly and a mock-up!)

    I wish I had the tools and goods to fab a fork like that. I got my eye on this build too.
  16. Dboy9887

    Junk Bros. Build - AMFer - DONE!!! July 27, 2014

    Looks awesome. Subscribed
  17. Dboy9887

    Etta ( completed front fork with assembly and a mock-up!)

    Real awesome build so far. Love the fork too :thumbsup:
  18. Dboy9887

    Schwinn frame tire & wheel ?

    I had a set of thick bricks on my 48 s hwinn liberty. It looked awesome except for the fact that the front was a tight fit on a stock fork. So I bought an x53 fork in hopes of it fitting and it sure did. I just had to file down the front dropout to fit the axle. Looked awesome. I would post pics...
  19. Dboy9887

    spaceliner ques???

    Sweet. I remember seeing your build. I just recently pick this up so wanna get it ready for the summer. I'm gonna have to make dropouts somehow. Lol. But that's my plan, slap 24x3 thick bricks on it. I'm also gonna keep it chrome but use headlight tint on the frame give it a gray/gunmetal look.
  20. Dboy9887

    spaceliner ques???

    Has anyone ever fitted a 24 felt thick brick and rear wheel on the spaceliner? Were there any problems? Thanks.