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  1. RadOne

    Crusty Racer...low budget Board Tracker

    Is it me, or does it look like this bike has a modified front suspension for the circle track? 8)
  2. RadOne

    Flet 29er spotted at Wholefoods

    HaHaHa! :lol:
  3. RadOne

    Vista.....the Banana

    Love those crazy forks! Your best bet for that rear hub, if its having issues, is to find a NOS one and lace it up. Those 333 hubs are readily available and not many people would care to rebuild an old one.
  4. RadOne

    Barn Fresh Higgins!

    Yeah, the reflector is missing. Hopefully I can locate one sometime. I need the "batwing" headlight too, but that will be a pricey proposition and hard to find with correct color and patina.
  5. RadOne

    Selling Bikes Locally, a new aproach.

    That yellow bike looked pretty dope in my opinion, no wonder it sold quick. The others aren't quite as appealing maybe. I like your approach tho. I cannot imagine riding one of these bikes but I see them all over so somebody is spending money on 'em. Good luck. 8)
  6. RadOne

    Barn Fresh Higgins!

    That's kinda what I was figuring. I just find it strange that the colorflow would use a skiptooth chain where this bike doesn't. I just put tubes on the bike and lightly washed it. I plan to disassemble it and thoroughly clean the dirt and grease off it, looks like there's some good chrome...
  7. RadOne

    Barn Fresh Higgins!

    Picked this one up this week. Not sure what year, '51 maybe, but it's just about all there. Needs a batwing light and a rear reflector. It got the cool "air cooled" hub, JC Higgins stamped block pedals, and it looks like it should clean up really well! Anyhow, if anyone has more information to...
  8. RadOne


    Just picked this one up. Anyone got an idea on what and when it is? It's nearly all there, needs a batwing light and rear reflector, the troxel seat is really nice, lots of decent paint. I can't wait to clean it up!
  9. RadOne

    Rusty/Patina Bicycle Gallery

    This might be the ugliest bike I've ever seen. I like it 8)
  10. RadOne

    The software censored my friends name.

    Yeah, it's kinda silly. I hear more cursing on daytime TV and this place consists nearly entirely of adult males. :roll:
  11. RadOne


    You know what would be sweet? A Nickel Plated version of this thing! 8)
  12. RadOne

    Shimano 333 Question

    So, I laced a NOS 333 hub into my Sears Spyder. Everything is cool, shifts well, looks great. However, the hub will pull the stick shifter into high gear every time the bike stops. When the bike is at rest, you can pull the shifter back to low gear but the hub pulls a lot stronger than the...
  13. RadOne

    Mash Banger the English Cantilever

    Every builder here is producing artwork of one kind or another. This bike, however, shows craftsmanship, attention to detail, has great proportions, and a wonderful aesthetic. Obviously the most beautiful bicycle here, to my eye. Kudos.
  14. RadOne

    New Departure brakes work as well as new stuff?

    That's what I use. 8)
  15. RadOne

    Cheapest place to get a coaster brake wheelset new?

    These are nice looking wheels, cheap too! ... 191f5c44d0
  16. RadOne

    Custom mens CWC Luxury Liner (pic overkill)

    Looks nice, the green and chrome is cool, but I gotta say that the handlebar extender is killing the whole thing. Needs apes!
  17. RadOne


    That thing is wild. I really like the wheel tho.
  18. RadOne

    Good For A Laugh

    This guy is near me, I thought the price might be a typo so I asked. :roll: No typo. ... _500wt_949
  19. RadOne


    A fool and his money..........
  20. RadOne

    Stunning cruiser customisations by Road Kandy

    You know, I can totally see how this type of suspension set-up could be dangerous. I'd still ride it tho. 8)