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    20in Monark Rocket?

    A *little* younger than I had originally guessed... Very cool!! Still older than my dad's '49 Willys and still has many years left in it! Thanks Adam!
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    Rollfast muscle bike turned cruiser for my son

    Sweet looking bike! You just convinced me to make my ww2 era 20in thrift store find a mini-cruiser! Love that rear fender... Did you have to modify it? I'm gonna need a bobbed one like that. Nice work!
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    20in Monark Rocket?

    That's cool. I've been mainly going off the teardrop sprocket, comparing the frame to others on the Internet, and the shape of the "shadow" left behind after someone repainted the bike and then removed the head badge. It's been a fun research project so far!
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    Wow, that is impressive work! Any suggestions on a stripper for those of us without aircraft grade chemicals at hand? Looking forward to seeing the final result!
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    20in Monark Rocket?

    Greetings! My wife and I happened upon this poor, lonely bicycle at a local thrift store. I plan to fix it up so my son can squeeze some more life out if this 60+year old frame. I'm hoping some of you may be able to help me identify the year of the bike, assuming I even have the make...