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  1. pickle

    Long time coming '40 CWC Klunker

    Thanks. They also took a Raleigh Talus 29er I just got in March. I'd be ok with losing that one but losing the CWC sucks bad.
  2. pickle

    Long time coming '40 CWC Klunker

    This bike got stolen yesterday from my barn in Grand Rapids, MI. Super bummed. Keep an eye out.
  3. pickle

    Lets see handlebars

    Ding Ding Ding Winner!! Those are great 8)
  4. pickle


    looks good muddy :lol:
  5. pickle


    coolest rrb shirt design yet. it's perfect.
  6. pickle

    Lets See Those CCM's

    Here's my CCM grocery getter. Fun bike to ride. I'm gonna tear it down and paint it this winter. Anybody know what year this is? Eighties maybe? Serial # K824089
  7. pickle

    Lets See Those CCM's

    That's a crazy lookin' frame onehorsepower. I like the rack, it flows with the lines of the bike.
  8. pickle

    My Super cheap SS

    looks like fun!
  9. pickle

    Lets see handlebars

    those are great!
  10. pickle


    My two with my beer bike 8)
  11. pickle

    Happy Birthday to me!

    That tattoo is killer. what a great birthday present.
  12. pickle

    Show me your grocery getter

    love me some grocery getters! :mrgreen:
  13. pickle

    Brooks Saddle Question.

    I'd just buy a tin of proofide for $11.
  14. pickle

    Let's see your Cleveland Welding bicycles!

    my 1940 CWC bomber style
  15. pickle

    Jacked Up Pilot, Sun&Brick shots

    Re: Jacked Up Pilot, Ride 4, DQ w/FIL The bike turned out super cool! Love your pictures all around Minneapolis. My parents live out there and we came out to visit a couple weeks ago. Me and my wife had to bring our bikes after seeing all the cool places to ride in your photos. We got to ride...
  16. pickle

    Let's see your bike in front of...

    The '40 Cleveland Welding Bomber at Gooseberry Falls State Park in front of Lake Superior
  17. pickle

    Before & After Pics

  18. pickle


    Yeah, man! Looks like a ton of fun.
  19. pickle

    Long time coming '40 CWC Klunker

    Thanks Steve. I took some inspiration from your Battle Cruiser and your Elgin Klunker among some of the other kool klunkers the rat rodders have turned out.