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  1. c.p.odom

    Exploded Bikes

    Beatcad, this was done years ago. My renderings are quite nice now. It took some sit down time with my commercial photographer to teach me proper lighting techniques.
  2. c.p.odom

    3-SPD hub help

    Old thread but I would like the MBI RG2575.
  3. c.p.odom

    Hub Lubricant

    While these hubs were designed for use with oil this can be replaced with the use of grade 00 grease (almost liquid). This is not the easiest thing to source but it works quite well. Most generic grease sold for bicycles is a grade 2 which is much to thick.
  4. c.p.odom

    new 1937 columbia 3 star

    Ghastly looking thing.
  5. c.p.odom

    Looking for hub advice

    Modifying 1/2 pitch cogs into 1" pitch cogs is a poor substitute for the proper thing. Inch pitch cogs are not 1/2 pitch with every other tooth missing. Inch pitch is the use of a .625" pitch tooth followed by a .375" space.
  6. c.p.odom

    Drill extra holes in a hub

    40 hole hub? Good question, it just was not the question that was asked.
  7. c.p.odom

    Drill extra holes in a hub

    Ordering them might be the easy way. Be careful to only get US or western Euro made bits, makes a big difference.
  8. c.p.odom

    Non-knurled handlebar

    I have used a JA Stein knurling tool on hundreds of bars, always the best solution:
  9. c.p.odom

    Drill extra holes in a hub

    Move on to USA made HSS (High Speed Steel) bits.
  10. c.p.odom

    New Sturmey-Archer singlespeed coaster....

    Frame spreading time for me, no worries. I wish they had some options for 126mm, 130mm, and 135mm.
  11. c.p.odom

    New Sturmey-Archer singlespeed coaster....

    What spacing were you looking for?
  12. c.p.odom

    New Sturmey-Archer singlespeed coaster....

    Well it is page 34 of their 2014-2015 printed catalog. I saw the hubs at Interbike and I have a friend who knows the owner of Sun Race (SA) checking on them while he is in Taiwan.
  13. c.p.odom

    Cotter Pin Cranks

    Cottered crank Raleigh's most often had the 26 tpi thread bottom brackets not the standard British 24 tpi. You would have to retain the original cups and source a spindle with the correct bearing width.
  14. c.p.odom

    Thoughts on disk-type coaster brake hubs

    I can source Velosteel hubs from my customers in Germany and Austria. This is easier than dealing with Czech. I won't do this unless my mates here in the States decide not to import them anymore. I love internal disc brake hubs but they require understanding in lubrication and restoring the...
  15. c.p.odom

    newer coaster brakes are they really less dependable or is it me?

    I don't think this discussion was meant to include vintage hubs but only hubs that can be sourced new. For that most any new hub you will find was made for a young kids bike, braking and durability to match, why expect more than it was meant to deliver. The Velosteel is a great hub but as...
  16. c.p.odom

    New Sturmey-Archer singlespeed coaster....

    The SA single speed coaster looks very nice. This hub is designed from new to be used on adult bicycles. Most all hubs used on cruisers were designed for use on a youth bicycle so do not expect much from them.
  17. c.p.odom

    Spoke length question ...

    That 559 is the ISO bead seat size, not the ERD.
  18. c.p.odom

    How to Measure Chain Length

    There are a number of equations for bike/motorcycle chain lengths (non-derailleur). This is the simplest: L = 2 (C) + (F/4 + R/4 + 1) L = Chain length in inches. Round the final result to closest whole inch figure. C = Chain stay length in inches, measure to closest 1/8”. Use chart below to...
  19. c.p.odom

    Need some Photoshop help

    Better to save as a PDF, you need a vector image, not a raster image to do this correctly.
  20. c.p.odom

    How to Measure Chain Length

    Careful there is math involved.