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  1. badmuller

    "Triked out" my Kahaki Baron.

    So its been a while since I did a proper build-thread. Taking in consideration the response I got on this one I thought there might be people here that would appreciate it too. So it is done already but I took some pictures along the way. I hope you enjoy them. The starting point was my Baron...
  2. badmuller

    Thick Brick Fatti-O Etc GALLERY - Show your FAT TIRES!

    Kinda(if you have FB); ... 634&type=3
  3. badmuller

    Show Your Baron!!

    Currently with Nirve springer and creme Boa-G's; In its former state with black Boa-G's and Felt fork;
  4. badmuller

    *****Let's see your BASMAN cruisers*****

    Nice one Karsten! Here's my latest;
  5. badmuller

    Thick Brick Fatti-O Etc GALLERY - Show your FAT TIRES!

    My inverted Project 346 Basman "P346 Warhawk" on 26" X 3". & My Kahaki Baron on 26" X 3.45" creme Boa-G's
  6. badmuller

    *****Let's see your BASMAN cruisers*****

    The Abraham linkage fork looks great, I got a 1" too for my Electra RS. I'm putting these lights on this Basman.
  7. badmuller

    *****Let's see your BASMAN cruisers*****

    Yes Sir, it is.
  8. badmuller

    *****Let's see your BASMAN cruisers*****

    Here's something I'm working on now. Apologies for the blury phone pic, , I'll post a nice "finished" pic later on!
  9. badmuller


    Thank you all for the nice words. I've been talking to Hoeha about a kustom fork, bars will be one of a kind too. I will try to set up a build thread when I have gathered all or most of the parts. Sensor, you have skills and vision to come up with beautifull designs yourself 8)
  10. badmuller


    Just got this frame from Kamilos Kustom Kreations; Been doing some fitting, and trying out fork and wheelset combos. Neither one will end up on this build in the end except for the discs.
  11. badmuller

    New School "moving to finished"

    Re: New School "Frame and fork pics!" Shock and awe !!!!!!
  12. badmuller

    black bikes?

    Great Job You did on Iron Annie!! I love that bike!
  13. badmuller

    black bikes?

  14. badmuller

    basman frames?

    Wow, just read back on this post, it seems I was misinformed at the time. I have seen the basman frames up close on severall occasions and was really impressed with the quality and of the way they are put together, I have been a happy Chopperdome customer since. I will never consider to buy a...
  15. badmuller

    Bike for the little drummer boy

    A friend of me got a bike from his girlfriend for christmas, it got done today and tonight it will be dropped of at their place. I didn't do an extensive build report but this is what I did. that became this; To go ahead with my friends wishes I had to modify the frame a little to allow the...
  16. badmuller

    "The Sidewalk Super Minion #1"-NACHTSWÄRMER-

    Thanks! It rides great too. Shifter works smooth and with the 17 rear and 44 front tooth setup I can get some nice speed to.
  17. badmuller

    tandem restored

    Ziet er goed uit Gert Dont worry about your english, let the pictures do the talking.....
  18. badmuller

    Electra Bicycle Pics

    Deluxe 3i I rebuilt recently (it was in bad shape and needed restoration), Before (not mine but to give you an idea what it looked like); After;