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    Dragstripper in Syracuse, NY - prolly overpriced!

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    Full grip twist shifter

    There have been threads about this shifter, but I find the archives to be a bear to search. Here is a pic posted by another member, might have been stranger (sp) ? , I forget.
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    Full grip twist shifter

    Yes. Kustom Kruiser - Slick Daddy has the full grip Shimano Nexus 3 speed twist shifter, as you describe. I like how it looks, and shifts. One thing though , with your arms raised to hold on to the Dyno - D style handlebars , the wrist tends to turn downwards. This has not caused an unwanted...
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    Schwinn parts

    Members can private message other members. Hold you pointer over the members user name, follow the prompt for start conversation.
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    Can generator spin clockwise?

    reverse polarity, too
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    Bike Sales Are UP !!

    Here is one of many such reports ;
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    Stool samples

    Flag pole holder ?
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    Fixing 5/16 Front Axle Threads?

    Of course if the axle is threaded all the way across , you can remove all of the parts off of the good side. Once that you know the thread size, PorkChopBMX has the axle,nuts, and lock nuts .
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    Sting-Rays at Wal-Mart again

    From the Schwinn website - $ 369.99 , no fenders ;
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    Rim strips on double-walled rims?

    you betcha ! check all of the holes for burrs first ( it happens ) . I have been using hockey stick tape successfully for a long time . nobody is going to see it , so I buy whatever is on clearance sale.
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    Craigslist nightmares and dreams...
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    Columbia Rambler
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    Essential Rides for Essential Workers

    Specialized Bikes is reacting to COVID-19 by giving new bikes to Essential Workers that meet the application requirements ;
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    LocoJoe's Recent Rides

    I was wondering about what happened to this thread. You have a real talent for bikes and photography. Thanks for the update. Glad that all is well.
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    Forum Security ?

    A day or so. The shield symbol next to the lock symbol was 1/2 yellow, 1/2 black. Click on that and get warning that images here not secure.
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    Forum Security ?

    First time that the https link has shown as " Connection secure " for me.
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    Well, I ride off road. No texting vehicle operators to contend with. I have been looking for a GPS App that plots my ride on trails, so that I can find my way back. So far, no luck. Closest I found are maps on the many MTB sites, which I print. What I do use, is onlineradiobox , to stream my fav...
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    Bike tools from Lidl

    Yes! Lidil had a grand opening here too. I remember a favorable thread here a few years ago about a bike stand sale at Aldi that looks the same. The stand has a 3 year warranty , and a 90 day store warranty. E-bike rated too ! So I bought that and the panniers for $12.99 . We shall see ( said...
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    Thompson Classic Bicycle Components - grips and seats

    bump , I just checked the above ebay link and Ian is still selling these. Tip - coke bottle grips were a bit loose for me a few years ago. A wrap of hockey stick tape on the bars, under the grips, works great.