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  1. subadrew

    Old Colson

    Are the fork struts welded to the fork at the bottom? Looks a lot like my Pansy (that I thought was a westfield) viewtopic.php?f=62&t=51370&p=492939&hilit=1927#p492939
  2. subadrew

    Gold Metallic Black Spray?

    My subaru is Java Black Pearl. Black with just a hint of flake. Sorta expensive paint though.
  3. subadrew

    Shockster Bolt-on Rear Suspension

    I have been rocking one for a few years on a build off bike ( Works pretty well on a cruiser, but the added wheelbase length made the bike handle a little different and made it very difficult to wheelie. Fine for a cruiser/around town bike...
  4. subadrew

    Recent finds, fixes, and flips

    been a while since I posted in here, but I had a few fix and flips recently. First was this schwinn spoiler. I'd actually been looking for a spoiler for a while and this came up locally a few weeks ago. The owner even met me with it near my house to drop it off since I didn't have a car big...
  5. subadrew

    Big rider

    honestly, 250/260 isn't that big. Just don't ride down stairs and I'd imagine most any modern cruiser frame would work fine. I have a buddy that's about the same weight and he loves his 3g cruiser.
  6. subadrew

    in search of the perfect front hub.

    I have an older high flange front hub I'd sell pretty cheap if your interested (and I can find it). I can't remember who the maker is, but I think it's 36 hole.
  7. subadrew

    A little Wet Here

    I'll take our spring snow over your spring rain anyday!
  8. subadrew

    I bet you can't ride my bike! I do want to try one, but i think I would need a few hours.
  9. subadrew

    My vintage MTB collection

    Here's a slightly closer pic of the slingshot NICE 4500 you got there. I buy pretty much any proflex I can find around here if the price is right. Probably owned 10-15 of them over the years. I actually got the Beast for free from a friend. I've also probably have 5-10 trek y's. I just like...
  10. subadrew

    My vintage MTB collection

    Well I saw a Slingshot available on CL over the weekend and pretty much had to buy it. Then when I got home I decided I had to take a picture with some of the other recent and not so recent MTB finds. Slingshot (not positive on the year yet) Amp B4 (~1995) Proflex Beast (1996) Trek Y-22 (1996)...
  11. subadrew

    What is the best coaster brake, your opinions?

    for one speeds, I really like ND Model 3's. Very easy to clean as well. Might just be because I tend to rebuild those the most and take time to scuff the discs. I assume you're talking only older hubs... ? If not, I have NO idea what hub is on my grocery getter Kustom Kruiser, but I can easily...
  12. subadrew

    Old tires. How do I know if they are still rideable?

    I've ridden on tires that were so rotted you could see the tube. I just used a downhill (THICK) tube and rode on 'em.
  13. subadrew

    Enlighten Me Firebolt dudes

    It's a 1" headtube and the ladies monark should fit either with spacers, or re-threading the fork. I too have the problem of owning a firebolt for far too long and not building it up.
  14. subadrew

    opinion on bike for wife

    Let her ride one of yours?
  15. subadrew

    Black Crown Tattoo WHER R U ANSWR yur PMs!

    glad to hear you're making things right willy Would mel have to get a black eye tattoo?? :cry:
  16. subadrew

    Black Crown Tattoo WHER R U ANSWR yur PMs!

    Who's got his info? Email address? Home Address? Shipping Address? Age? Put it out here... I didn't lose anything to him, but I'm pretty good with the internet. The article says he lives in ellwood city, but I can only find 1 william roth in Beaver Falls. The tattoo parlor has been a few...
  17. subadrew

    Anodizing removal and rim polishing

    I've used a kids blow up bathtub to soak entire frames in. They get as cheap as $10 sometimes. Cool trick.
  18. subadrew

    New mtb purchase

    Got this for a steal over the weekend. 09 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR elite. It needs a little work, but not much. I'll likely be fixing and flipping this one since I really need money more than a new mtb. Or maybe I'll sell my trek fuel and keep this one. Hmmmm. I actually have gotten 2...
  19. subadrew

    2.4" Maxxis Holy Rollers (24") for $15.99 shipped

    Re: 2.4" Maxxis Holy Rollers for $15.99 shipped Totally missed that! Thanks. Probably not too much interest then =p
  20. subadrew

    2.4" Maxxis Holy Rollers (24") for $15.99 shipped

    Just giving a heads up. Cambria Bike is doing free shipping this weekend and they have the holy rollers on sale for $15.99. I have these tires on a few of my bikes and love them. Very smooth and BIG. just enter this coupon code when checking out... SHFREE...