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  1. Bendix

    Electra "klunker style" kids bikes...

    Not meaning to spam or anything, but I was just browsing closeouts on the Electra dealer site and the 20" Moto 1 and Moto 3i are marked down. WAY DOWN. Still pretty good availability if you want your dealer to check on getting one for you... ;-)
  2. Bendix

    Pre 1948 Schwinn DX

    As to your question- I wouldn't worry about doing with it as you please. Very cool, not very valuable as a collector bike. The perfect combination for some RRB fun! ;-)
  3. Bendix

    Schwinn Excelsior help !!

    Yeah, I pretty much just think 'prewar' or 'postwar' when it comes to Schwinn frames... ;-)
  4. Bendix

    Another new Klunker style cruiser...

    Maybe already posted, but I just saw this: "RevMX" from Sun bicycles. If the decals aren't clear coated it might be good raw material for a 27.5" Klunker project. Should retail south of 300 bucks...
  5. Bendix

    Wheel axle question (front is ¼" and rear is ⅜")

    That front axle is more likely actually 5/16". The 3/8 - 5/16 combo is very common on older bikes (and cheaper new bikes). Any shop can order you a pair of basic chrome steel wheels. No reason to expect any weird issues, IMHO.
  6. Bendix

    Rear derailleur / chain noise

    A good reminder to check the obvious before tearing into things! When you hear hoofbeats, think 'horses', not 'zebras'... ;-)
  7. Bendix

    Got to cut down a fork..

    An old mild steel, unchromed steerer is an easy enough thing for a shop to thread an extra inch onto. IF you find a shop that still does that. It's a request that gets less common every year! I doubt most have ever been asked to do it... ;-)
  8. Bendix

    Thread lock on spokes?

    Boiled linseed oil has been used by generations of bike mechanics. Good stuff- lubricates for easier truing later and acts as a very mild thread locker. Late 90's: Trek had a problem with spokes loosening so they went with a too-strong spoke prep on USA mtb wheels. We'd break spokes on new...
  9. Bendix

    '54 Schwinn seat post clamp question

    While they start out straight, I rarely see used ones that still are, and they seem to keep on working ok... ;-)
  10. Bendix

    Changing from chain stay roller brake to seat stay cantilever brake

    Horsefarmer- U-brakes were also commonly mounted under the chainstays on mid-late 80's MTBs, and have made a comeback in BMX. The main complaint was mud, but riding in dry Colorado I always liked the XTs I had on my Diamondback Arrival. The clean top tube was kinda nice, I thought. FWIW...
  11. Bendix

    Ashtabula forge history

    Very cool, thanks!
  12. Bendix

    Bike shop said they can't remove my rear!!

    Removing a seized ND sprocket is a lot easier on a computer keyboard... But yes, perhaps they should have realized it could be laced 2 other ways and called with a revised estimate. ;-)
  13. Bendix

    Bike shop said they can't remove my rear!!

    +1. It's also much nicer working without the added weight and awkwardness of internal hub guts... ;-)
  14. Bendix

    The Flat Pedal Revolution Manifesto

    Plantar fasciiitis is absolutely horrible. Those first few steps out of bed and down the stairs... Strangely enough, more motorcycle time helped tremendously, apparently my feet on the pegs produced the perfect stretch! Go figure. I too think certain platform pedal/shoe combos can contribute...
  15. Bendix

    Road bike fitting experts, a size question

    IMHO it depends on what you're calling a 'tri' bike. Conventional road bike with aero bars? Probably a couple cm too small, depending on how it's measured. Dedicated TT/triathlon bike? Time for a test ride- with no really standardized frame design sizing can be all over the place. Depending on...
  16. Bendix

    The Flat Pedal Revolution Manifesto

    That was really interesting! I'd like to get my wife ( an elite 'age group' du/triathlete ) to do a comparison in her computrainer class sometime to see the wattage figures. Probably couldn't talk her into it though... ;-)
  17. Bendix

    AVBS in Peloton Magazine

    Cool, you put the 'ton' in 'peloton'... ;-)
  18. Bendix

    ORBO Inspiration: The Original "Klunkers" and Pioneers of MTB

    I've only traded a few emails with Joe, but it was enough to convince me he's a class act.
  19. Bendix


    That's great! I despise Photobucket...
  20. Bendix

    Bf Goodrich help with year

    Frame/fork/badge/stem = nice find! We don't see many prewar cantilever frames posted! You've probably already received PMs about selling it. I don't think you can know exactly what year before 1948, but it should be between '38-'42. Apparently the 'H' prefix may indicate later in that...