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  1. ichi bike

    1935 Silver King

    so clean love it
  2. ichi bike


    great fun thanks for your responses ill be sure to where a kilt while i ride it
  3. ichi bike

    "DEVIANT" link to finished build on page one :-)

    Re: "DEVIANT" A step thru goes a step beyond... I like your style
  4. ichi bike

    MOUNTAIN (RAT) DONT mocked

    i love banana seats
  5. ichi bike

    Varsity winter bike "V-Rat"

    super cool chain gaurd pimp veary stylish big points
  6. ichi bike

    Little Red Express Trike

    wow so fun to see all your hard work amazing i want to build a flat bet trike so bad its comming
  7. ichi bike

    Huffy Cranbrook:

    good eye!!
  8. ichi bike

    radio astronaut wagon build *FINISHED PICS*

    Re: radio astronaut wagon build looks cool have you seen the one hooch did when you get it sorted can you make me one of those front ends they are sweet
  9. ichi bike

    Can this be chopped Dad?

    good to see ya representing the ichi shirt what are those tires i love them
  10. ichi bike

    UK - Dyno Glide Deluxe build

    looks good i just got one of those but i think mine was made by huffy but the same lines i am powder coating it sparkle black i got some of those dayton style wheels some one donated to the shop not sure where else to go with it but it will be fun
  11. ichi bike

    Another pre-war klunker project

    i love the forks what are they
  12. ichi bike

    Worksman - LIEUTENANT

    got it thanks a ton those will both work for me great i have one of those 20 speccalized fat boys that im dyin to put one of those 20" SPRINGERS ON
  13. ichi bike

    Pro-Stock Swingbike

    tough as nails
  14. ichi bike


    what kind of tires
  15. ichi bike

    Worksman - LIEUTENANT

    what about going the other direction i have a new 1and 1/8 frame that i would like to but a 1" threaded fork is that possible
  16. ichi bike

    Rat Look OCC Stingray

    are the occ head tubes 1" or 1&1/8
  17. ichi bike

    Rat Look OCC Stingray

    does that have a 20" spriger with a 24 " tire
  18. ichi bike

    Worksman - LIEUTENANT

    thanks that worked out great
  19. ichi bike

    Louisville Cycle Klunker

    i love the dk stem nice selection of frame its going to be sweet
  20. ichi bike

    Worksman - LIEUTENANT

    how do you put a 1and 1/8 head set and fork in a 1" head tube?