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    1956 Schwinn straight bar value

    Seems fair, I'm surprised it hasn't sold already if it's been on there for 27 days.
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    BO15 XLR8

    Yes, it's a suspension fork from a 20" bike, but not a very good one. It has about an inch of travel and seems to take a fair amount of pressure to compress, so I imagine it was basically useless on a kids bike. I can't get the tire to hit the crown, but it might loosen up with fresh grease so...
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    BO15 XLR8

    I haven't had the time to do many major work, but I got the rims and fork I'll be using mounted up.
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    Bad Ebay bike deals.

    These bikes retail for $148 new.
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    Cheap American 10 speeds with cottered cranks.

    Here's an untouched example of the western flyer version, basically the same as the huffy.
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    BO15 XLR8

    I had to add a bit of clearance for the hub and sprocket. I put the swingarm together this way with the dropouts on the outside edge to make it as narrow as possible.
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    BO15 XLR8

    Thats the idea right now, If it doesn't work out like I want it's easy to make it rigid.
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    BO15 XLR8

    I made a little progress on the back of the bike. It's been a bit slow going, but it's getting there. I ended up putting the rear wheel a bit farther back which stretches out the bike a bit. Hopefully this will help the leg room without the seat ending up behind the axle.
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    What is this thing?

    Heavy is right, everything is steel and cast iron. They are very high quality. I'd like to know how much they cost new.
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    BO15 Cyrus the Virus***** Lowrider wheel advice

    Everything on this bike looks sharp.
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    Could someone explain this headtube to me.

    It's a short head tube with what appears to be internal headset bearings on the bottom at least.
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    Chopping a Frame

    Don't those bikes have aluminum frames? That complicates things a bit for the average backyard builder.
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    BO15 XLR8

    I easily spend more time looking at pieces to figure out how I can make them work, than I do actual fabricating.
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    The Beast

    Looks good, now you just need some of those air caliper brakes.
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    Folding bikes

    I have this Rapido I can never seem to get around to finishing.
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    BO15 Star Chaser

    "Putty and paint make the welder I ain't"
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    Cheap American 10 speeds with cottered cranks.

    Speaking of Schwinn, they are one of the few American brands that did use their own cottered cranks. They had them on 40's to 60's mid to high end lightweights, track bikes and some of the higher end tandems. Around 1970 they went to square taper.
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    BO15 XLR8

    It does have a motorbike vibe, like a triumph frame without a tank. That's probably the direction I'll go with the design, although probably a little less classy than that harley and a bit more mad max. No engines this time though.. Yesterday I found some tubing for the chain-stays, but they'll...
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    Cheap American 10 speeds with cottered cranks.

    That's one of the Korean made Murrays for sure.
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    Cheap American 10 speeds with cottered cranks.

    "Made in USA" final assembly done in USA with foreign parts