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  1. plankowner

    Unbelievable... (Day) Dreams do Come True!

    The seat appears to be a generic replacement and the grips are foam rubber beach cruiser grips. The tires may be original but I'm not certain. I Didn't realize the Pro Raiders earned that kinda coin. For me, the value is in finding the bike I wanted as a kid and lucking into it the way I did...
  2. plankowner

    Unbelievable... (Day) Dreams do Come True!

    So we all have our "honey holes" where we maybe found a bike or two, a place where we go back to every once in a while because we found something special there in the past. Mine happens to be a resale shop not too far from where I work. It started years ago when I went in and pulled a Schwinn...
  3. plankowner

    JC Higgins " Regal Deluxe" Color Flow tank bike

    It's still on there. (Not my ad)
  4. plankowner

    GT BMX Nora Cup

    Amazing condition! Nice find!
  5. plankowner

    Free Spirit BMX

    I had one of these pass through my garage a couple months back. You are correct in that the holes are for mounting a chain-guard.
  6. plankowner

    I can't wait till next week!

    I've been running mine around 12 - 15 psi and ride it daily, with ease. This thing rides as good as or better than pretty much any single speed cruiser I have had in my garage. Mine is completely stock minus the decals. :D My wife tells me it rides better than her comfort cruiser.
  7. plankowner

    Storage unit bling bling

    I used the frame from one of those and built a fun little kick around bike with it. Ended up selling the bike about a year ago for $70.00. I drug the bike out of a chicken coupe out in the country for $5.00. The frame geometry is pretty cool on these but man do they rust at the first site of...
  8. plankowner

    Found My Holy Grail

    Congratulations! But, uh yeah, what it is it? I too have never seen one...
  9. plankowner

    Best Internet Find Ever!!!!!! A Pair of Freestylers!!

    Get this, for only $55.00 shipped to my door! I could not believe it, still don't! :shock: I was perusing the ol' interweb looking at old school Haro bikes and in some small dark corner I came across these: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I mean seriously,could...
  10. plankowner

    BMX bikes.Lets see'em!!!

    I'd got through it and let him 'em ride it like it is. That bike is a tank!
  11. plankowner

    Haro Cozmo

    I know this doesn't answer your question but I believe a bike is worth what a person is willing to pay for it or; how much fun you can have with it. $$$ wise, around here in eastern VA, they go from $60 - $100 depending on condition.
  12. plankowner

    Got a freebie BMX and it is so .... cool

    Re: Got a freebie BMX and it is so dang cool Nice! All we find in the trash around here is old beach cruisers that look like they were used as speed bumps. Bent and broken! :D
  13. plankowner

    huffy pro thunder still in box

    Photobucket is free! Set up an account and show us some pics! I for one would love to see that Pro Thunder! :D
  14. plankowner

    Took a Detour... looking better!

    Re: Took a Detour Unsure how to decode the serial number. I have an 89 Detour that starts with the number 89XXXXX so I'm guessing the first digits are the year? I'm by no means an expert though and I only know mine is an 89 because the guy I purchased it from was the original owner and said...
  15. plankowner

    1964 Belknap Bluegrass T-Bird (Huffy)

    That bike is dripping with awesome!
  16. plankowner

    Pair of Thrift Store Choppers...

    I picked up a couple of choppers from a new thrift store that just opened up this past weekend. Got the pair of them for $50.00. I've had a couple choppers in the garage before but for some reason, I never kept them and haven't regretted selling them as of yet. I'm a BMX guy, so that may be why...
  17. plankowner

    Interesting Huffy prototype

    Great bike! Congratulations and ride the wheels off of it!
  18. plankowner

    1982 Schwinn Predator update

    Looking good!
  19. plankowner

    Diamond Back bmx

    Cool find! The seat post probably isn't OG to the bike. Came off of a Murray BMX I'm guessing. What is that black streak on the head tube? Behind the brake cable.
  20. plankowner

    BMX Aluminum Rims! I'd like some info

    These were available on a lot of Wal-mart Mongoose bikes over the past few years. The bikes that these came on sell in this area generally for $25 - $45 complete. I just picked up a Mongoose Rebel with these same rims on it for $25.00. Looks like it spent it's entire life in the garage. Not sure...