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  1. harquahalas

    Writing 100 songs in 100 days and recording

    Finished the last song last night :mrgreen: ... e=view_all
  2. harquahalas

    removing spray paint from hand grips

    I guess I was impatient and lazy as usual. Had a can of aircraft stripper. Got the hose lightly running and had me a toothbrush. Spray a section, wait 3 seconds, scrub with toothbrush for 3 seconds, rub with my fingers under the hose. Took about 5 minutes. Soaked in soapy water afterwards just...
  3. harquahalas

    removing spray paint from hand grips

    Can it be done? I picked up a bike with what looked like a nice set of Schwinn slimline grips. On closer inspection, they had some streaks of yellow on them. On yet closer inspection, I realized it's a nice set of lemon yellow grips spray painted black :x The paints on there good. Suggestions...
  4. harquahalas

    Writing 100 songs in 100 days and recording

    Thanks for the comments. I know they're not great. Will definitely spend more time on a song when it's not for this exersize :D There are a handful I will probably revisit and try to form into a proper song with my band.
  5. harquahalas

    stuff for sale?

    Would it not be permissible to trade non-bike for bike stuff in the trade section or trade bikes for non-bike? Bike related it seems, so long as you're not trading non-bike for non-bike.
  6. harquahalas

    Writing 100 songs in 100 days and recording

    Thanks! I appreciate you listening. Today's song has just been posted :wink:
  7. harquahalas

    Writing 100 songs in 100 days and recording

    Quite a compliment. And so of course, not true :lol: Seriously though, thank you!
  8. harquahalas

    Writing 100 songs in 100 days and recording

    Might as well put my current music project up here. My wife thought I should do it to get my creative juices flowing. Song 60 is probably my favorite so far. Getting hard to put that much time in each day though.
  9. harquahalas

    my new ride....

    is not a rat.
  10. harquahalas

    Not for fun.

    Moved to WA, but some of these may be going to a friend back in AZ.
  11. harquahalas

    Bicycle Heaven , Pittsburgh

    This collection must have an effect on the upward push of vintage bicycle prices :shock:
  12. harquahalas

    Great bike on craigslist!! All it needs is a front tire!!

    All it needs is a whole bike............or nothing at all depending on how you look at it :lol:
  13. harquahalas

    for sale/wanted thread maintenance

    I don't think us regular members can delete a post if someone else has posted after us. I just looked at my own post after I posted it and I can delete it (or edit it as I am doing now). I bet none of the previous posts can be deleted now, only edited.
  14. harquahalas

    WHAT THE!!!!

    The big difference is the first one is bid up to that price (worth the money to at least a few people). The Huffy is just over priced with no bids and it won't get any. I've seen things like a 70s Schwinn Hollywood with a buy it now of $2000 :lol:
  15. harquahalas


    Quite interesting. I clicked on the bike image underneath. It's a girl's 20" jr. spyder banana seat bike. Almost all of the parts are no longer available, but very interesting that they have replacement parts at all. Could you imagine if they still manufactured frames and other main parts...
  16. harquahalas

    What years were the different Schwinn sticks used?

    Trying to find what range of years each of these sticks would be appropriate for.
  17. harquahalas

    Found a bike, what should I do?

    You know first hand how the cops handled my $3000 + bike when it was stolen. Keep the bike.
  18. harquahalas


    Neat! It's almost identical to my 1967 uh, beach bike. I wish there were more pics. I like to see a little more detail when I spend that kind of money. Maybe I'll ask him to email more pics :lol:
  19. harquahalas

    Roadmaster Springer Forks

    I don't know the measurements exactly, but the boys were longer to accommodate the taller bolt and the extra room needed for the truss bars at the top. If it's a girls, you can either add something like a couple bearing cups to take up the extra space, or, if you want to cut it down, both the...
  20. harquahalas

    Adding a 5-speed stick to a repop gray ghost krate?

    Okay, so if I get the Gray Ghost, I won't add a stick. I did get a 98 Apple Krate yesterday with a set of 71 5-speed Krate wheels with brake levers, NOS cables and derailleur. I can get an original Apple from a friend that's missing some parts and my original plan was to get this and use the...