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    why are my wheels ticking???

    Try lube on the chain first and check chain tension ..Not too tite. This solves alot of weird noises
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    Need Ratrod bike club in Phx.- Mesa,Az. Area

    Sounds good . See all you rats at build a bike party. Carl
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    Need Ratrod bike club in Phx.- Mesa,Az. Area

    ok guys and gals its cooler now... how about a ride or just meet and greet. Somewhere in Phx. area to show and see everyones bike... Any ideas ???? Bartleydad
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    Ohio Burbs

    When i left ohio 32 years ago they had trees. ( Cleveland area) Did a bomb go off or something ??? Bartleydad
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    What Do You Listen to While Building Bikes

    I listen to Third Day and Sonic Flood and my wife. They all keep me cool and blessed. Bartleydad
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    Small show and party at new owned arizona shop

    I went there today. The lady owner (sorry forgot her name getting old) was super nice. They have some tall chopper handle bars and some 26x1.75 bl.brick whitewalls . Some one on here was looking for them. Good prices. I got a neat rear frame stay kick stand that works on my streched cruiser...
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    Bike Engines?

    I bought a 2 stroke from boygofast Runs great. plenty fast . Easy to hook up. I got the 70cc. look him up. .Fast shipping also. Bartleydad
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    bring.doom the noob

    How you doing. At one time in my life I raced late model stock cars at Canton Motor speedway. great old track. I live in az. now . Nicer weather than Calif and lower house prices. You can ride 12 months of the year here. Good luck on your bikes. You will be able to find alot more old bikes there...
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    Introducing Myself

    hay how you doing ??? I live in east Mesa and can help you with any bike stuff. I,m retired and love to work on bikes. I have had 2 bike shops in my time and ran another for 6 years. What part of Phx. are you in ? 1 person asked if we have good rideing weather and do we adjust to it. Well 9...
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    BMX Stuff

    I looked at the picts again. Its for sure the old owner of Redline frames stuff with 1 leg fork . he was the first one to use the 1 leg fork for BMX. I now remember his name was Lynn Kastan. Those had a pertty look but had to be a good racer who was under 50 lbs. they could break on bad hard...
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    BMX Stuff

    I think if my 64yo brain is working right the Kastan is built by the guy that sold the Redline co.Thats his name, he used it after sale of redline and went on to do his own name frames. The give away is the little tab brace on the head tube for the bottom tube.That was a Redline thing.They...
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    Wheel help

    Hi guys... Any one tell me where i can get some yellow wheels or rims to make my own wheels ??? with black spokes of course. Thanks .bartleydad
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    The "Casey Jones" done! (sorta)

    Great use of every thing.But especialy color. You have set the standards very high for the build off. This is what a rat rod bike is. very different but not artsy fartsy. Thanks for the view. bartleydad
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    Rat Rod Ver. 2.0 - I'm done...or Maybe Not.

    Nice bike. Try adding 2 teeth to the rear sproket and it will feel alot easier to pedal and add air Like ghcleveland said. some times adding biger tires slows bike down.these 2 thinge will get it feeling better. bartleydad
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    Hi there - Gainesville, FL!

    Welcome. SwEEEEEEEEEEEET looking... Take the fenders off put whitewalls on and like Rat Rod said Ape hangers and you have instant Rat. Goodluck bartleydad.
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    Re: NEW RRB LOGO VVVVVVVVVVERY cookl. The last one. I like design on back and small logo on front. I want 1 black and 1 grey one in large. if you can get them made and sell them for a profit around $15.00 you should sell alot. Thannks Bartleydad
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    The Hamburger Lady

    That is one great bike....Seems like you cats over there have alot of old school ideas mixed in with you rat rod bike ideas to come up some neet bikes . Love all the neat things you put on that bike. whats the alum.thing on the top bar with the handle on it ???? great stuff. Bartleydad
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    Snake Farm

    I would be glad to weld it and i don,t even drink beer. But i am In Phx.Az.. And there is no way you can weld that steel bar to a alum frame. but would be easy to weld some alum. bar in . Good luck. I have built many sand rails and race cars and there is no way that bar will stay in that frame...
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    "Fix This" - FINALLY FINISHED 9/8 - New Pics

    Re: Remember my "Fix This" Bike?? Check this out COOL bikes. !!! You know this group of guyes makes me HAHAHa every day. I have spent 5 years beating cancer and thanks to ..... and funny guys like this group i have beat it. "Holy flying duck poo " just broke me up. Thanks guys. Bartleydad...
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    hawthorne crank question

    Its bent i am pertty sure. The problem with heating it and bending it back is you will take out any heateating thats been done and it will bend again. i have some 40 years experence welding and repairing boat props and race cars . there was some off set cranks but i think they were 2 or 3 piece...